Learn about Modern Standby mode in Windows 10

By using Modern Standby mode on some Windows 10 laptops, you can set up your laptop just like the phone in a moment or standby.

Standby, also known as Sleep mode, is not a new feature and almost all users are familiar with it. When the computer is in this mode, all applications remain in the running background and no applications will be closed. It can also be switched on or off in a very short period of time, using this mode that keeps the computer idle and greatly reduces its power consumption. Using this feature will also help extend the laptop’s battery life.

Microsoft has just introduced a new form of this mode called Modern Standby, which is one of the slower modes of Windows 10 and an extended form of Connected Standby mode in Windows 8.1 . In fact, with the modern standby mode, you can standby or standby just like a phone at a time. At the CES 2020 Acer , Lenovo and several other companies introduced new products with this capability.

In Modern Standby mode, no windows background activity will stop

The main difference between Modern Stanby and Connected Stanby is that in the first case, the computer will run at an instant and standby time, but in the Connected Standby mode it will take a short time, at least twice the time required. Ready for deployment in Modern Standby; however, in both background system activities, online events (such as receiving emails), and other activities such as removing notes created and pairing Bluetooth computers with other devices continue (applications using Deskt tools). op Activity Moderator will be closed)

Modern standby is dividing into two Connect and Disconnect modes. In both cases, the computer will turn on instantly, but data will not be updated in Disconnected mode and the system is not connected to a network or Wi-Fi . Generally, systems equipped with SSDs or hybrids (a combination of SSDs and HDDs) have Connected mode, and systems that only have HDDs use Disconnecd mode.

Modern definition of modern standby and its difference with the conventional standby mode

In CPU standby mode it stops completely and after storing data on the RAM , the power consumption is reduce to the minimum possible to maintain the information, but in modern standby mode the CPU continues to operate with very little power consumption; Therefore, they will be downloaded and installed if the update files are on the download waiting list. Also, some applications in standby mode can start the process and even run (if scheduled).

How the modern standby mode works

In Modern Standby mode, computer power consumption is reducing to the minimum possible

When the computer enters sleep mode, it prepares the hardware and software system to reduce power consumption. In this process, the software first adapts to this mode, and then it is the hardware.

In this case, the system completely restricts the execution of the software to reduce the consumption to the minimum possible and they send the data in a restricted and controlled manner.

The operating system and hardware on the integrated circuit are always ready to receive a bunch of data and keyboard inputs, and as soon as they receive this information, they turn on the system in an instant.

 Also, if you set a backup schedule, the system will turn on completely.

When a computer is idle , the processor continuously switches from idle to active to perform kernel protection to protect the system, and this process takes only a few hundred milliseconds. Networked computers also switch based on software activities between the two active and low power modes; for example, when Windows starts receiving or downloading email updates, the operating time of the computer will increase.

When a computer receives input data (for example, when the user presses the power button),

it is usually ready in less than 2 milliseconds, ready to go online, and puts all software and hardware on.

Enable modern standby mode

This mode is only available on Windows 10 and is only available on some Windows 10 computers;

usually lightweight slim laptops designed for use on the go have modern standby to be ready to go fast or standby fast.

But usually gaming or desktop computers do not have this capability and have other features such as Hybrid Sleep or Hybrid Sleep (this is a combination of Slip and Hibernate mode and when this mode is activating all open documents and applications in Rome and Hard Drive).

Are loaded and the computer is in state It consumes little power, in which case the user can quickly shut down the computer and continue working) or Fast startup (using this mode, which is typically for desktop computers, causes Windows to shut down after each time or Uses the same shutdown) that are usually represented by the letter and number S3.

To find out if your system has this feature, first open the command prompt window. To do this, search for cmd and right-click the command prompt and select Run as administrator. After opening the command prompt, enter the following statement in the command prompt window and hit the Inter button.

powercfg /availablesleepstates

You can also use the word powercfg / a instead of the word powercfg.

Entering this command allows you to view reports of various sleep modes (slips)

that are usable on the computer as well as modes that are not available. If you see the letter and number S0, your device supports modern standby.

Command line

If your computer supports this feature, follow these steps to enable it.

First, press the Windows and R buttons at the same time, and by entering regedit,

open the Windows Registry Editor, and then:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Power

After following this path and finding the CsEnabled option, double-click on it and change it to 0.

Activate the modern standby mode

After the new Windows 10 Slip mode is activating,

there is no option call Modern Standby in the Power Settings menu,

and as before, there is only Sleep option, which will set the computer to Standby mode.

We recommend that you do not move it when your laptop is in this mode,

as it may cause serious damage to your device. Meanwhile, some laptop makers have announced that they will refuse to provide after-sales service if you move and damage the laptop.

We hope you find this article useful in your Windows 10 tutorial series.

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