IOS 13 update download made possible for Apple users

The latest update to Apple’s mobile operating system , iOS 13 , was available last night for compatible devices. The biggest new feature is the iOS 8 Dark Mode, which Apple users have long wanted to add.

Dark Mode darkens all aspects of the interface of the iPhone , including the iPhone , picture gallery, settings menu, and so on.

When Dark Mode is activated in iOS 13 update

, even miscellaneous apps can switch to a dark theme if they are compatible. There’s also an option in the Control Center that lets you automatically turn on the darkness of your phone theme at night.

The second major feature to note in iOS 13 may be typing by swiping on the keyboard. Thanks to this feature, Apple users are able to type faster.

Change the sound of ios 13


In addition to the above, iOS 13 is seeing some improvements in apps like Maps, Photos and Reminders. The Mapes app now hosts an instant traffic estimation feature similar to Google Street View. The Fotos app has been equipped with some great new video editing tools including crop capability and finally the Reminders app has been greatly redesigned.

Apple has merged Find My iPhone and Find My Friends in the new iOS version and has extracted a new app called Find My from them.

Meanwhile, the Health app now has a new ability to monitor menstruation.

Although iOS 13 has been available since last night, Apple is planning to release its new update, iOS 13.1, soon on September 9, with the iPadOS 13.1 operating system.

IOS 13.1 appears to include updates that were originally intended to be released with iOS 13 for Apple phones, but for some reason this has not happened.

IOS 13.1 Siri will be able to read incoming messages aloud; it will also be possible to add shortcuts to this smart voice assistant to HomeKit .

iOS 13.1 is an important update, and iPhone users should be sure to install it when it is released. IOS 13.1 changes to iOS 13 are not just visual changes, and new bug fixes will also fix some bugs.

Some time ago, some researchers reported a security issue on the iOS 13 lock screen that would probably be fixed in iOS 13.1. Lastly, you can watch Apple’s new OS-compatible devices.

How to install the iOS 13 beta on your Apple device

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