Instructions for installing source guardian at directadmin

Before proceeding with the process of installing source guardian in directadmin, it is necessary to provide an explanation as to what is the source guardian service .

Source Guard is an extremely powerful encoder for php files, which can encrypt encrypted php files so that you can retain the intellectual property of the files and scripts, as well as encoding capability based on time and ip limits. That is, you will be able to define end-to-end or proprietary licenses for an IP for users.

This article is not about how to encrypt files through the Guardian Source We assume that you or your users on the server are using scripts that are encrypted based on this encoder, so you need to render and execute them Install the decoder on the server as well, in this article we will discuss the source guardian installation in directadmin .

If you have not yet installed the admin directory on your server, you can use the Linux admin directory installation tutorial we just released, and then follow this tutorial.

Steps to install source guardian in directadmin

Step One: Connect to your ssh server first with root access and through the putty program.

Step Two: You may have multiple versions of php compiled on your server. You need to find the correct version of php on the server. To do this, you have two options: first find the current version of php -v and then find / -name php.ini to find the php.ini file or use the php -ini command after finding the php server version You need to open the php.ini file editor yourself.

php version - install source guardian on directadmin

Now add the following statement to the file depending on the version of your php server.

  extension = ixed.5.6.lin

My server version was 5.6 then I import ix.5.6.lin If for example your version was 5.3 click extension = ixed.5.3.lin This parameter is using to determine the loader for php now parameter “extension_dir =” / usr / local / lib / Enter extensions to specify the directory containing the Guardian files.

Save and exit the file. You should now download from the official Source Guardian site and the following loader link for your operating system on the server.

First, enter the source directory specified in the directory below.

  cd / usr / local / lib / extensions

Now, depending on your server operating system architecture, choose the right version,

since the admin directory can only be install on Linux, so our operating system will be Linux,

and since my Linux architecture is 64-bit,

my source file is I select the 64-bit Guardian with the .tar.gz extension and download it with the command below.


You now need to unzip this file to fully install source guardian on directadmin .

  tar –zxvf loaders.linux-x86_64.tar.gz

download- Install the Guardian Source in the admin directory

Well if you have done the steps above carefully, you must have the Guardian install in the admin directory well,

you can also test the file encrypt with this encoder through your browser if the file is render properly

and The output for you means that the installation operation has been perform correctly.

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