How to stop Google Tracking?

Google by Google Tracking is always storing your information to improve your search results. For example, Google knows what your main interests are! 

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Google knows a lot about you; this fact cannot be ignored! Silicon Valley’s tech giant’s monetization model is mostly based on advertising and information gathering. This information is collected through all your actions in using Google products, such as searching, using Google Maps, and so on.

Google does not collect data from users, but at the same time it does not hide it. You have the right to know what Google knows about you and take control of your information. We will discuss this further.


Google saves all your searches

This is probably not too surprising; you should know that Google stores your search history completely.

Stop method

First go to My Activity Page on Google. Then, on the left-hand side, click Delete Activity by . Then, on the pop-up page, from the drop-down menu, select Search and click Delete.

To disable Google tracking, you can refer to the Activity Controls Page . Then uncheck Web & App. This will stop your tracking through Chrome History and any apps that use Google.


Google saves all voice searches

Any voice searches you make with Google Voice Assistant are saved to help improve your search results. Users usually do not know that these searches are saved. Saving these searches means that users can hear again what they have to say! You can access these audio files through the Voice & Audio section of the My Activity panel.

Stop method

If you want your voice searches to be saved, go to the Google Activity Controls Page and uncheck the Voice & Audio section.

Google will track and store your location

In addition to text and voice searches, Google also tracks and stores your location. You can see all your attendance on the Timeline Page panel. The accuracy of this information depends on having a mobile phone and having an active Google Account.

Stop method

To stop tracking and save your location after logging into the Activity Controls Page, check the Location History option. You can also delete your Location History by selecting the Trash Icon in the lower right by entering the Timeline Page panel.

Google map

Control your promotional information

Probably the most interesting part here! You can find out about yourself by logging into the Ad Settings panel! In this panel, Google has created a profile for you! In this profile you can see information like your gender, estimated age and month of birth! But the most fascinating part is that you can also see your favorite subjects, such as books and literature, beauty, sports, and more. This information is based on your searches on Google, YouTube , and more.

You can enable or disable Google Advertising Networking for yourself. If you stop this, it is clear that Google will make it difficult for you to track. But instead, by reducing your recognition by Google, your search results will also be more relevant to your personal characteristics.

Delete your Google Account

By logging into Google’s Dashboard, you can see all the information about yourself, such as devices connected to Google Accounts, services used, and more. You can also make a copy of this information! Finally, you can delete your Google Account to delete all the information stored by you.

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