How to Speed Up Your Website to Rank High in Search Engines?

One of the key factors in getting a better ranking in the search results of the Google search engine is now the loading speed of your website. Google uses this invoice to improve the search results for your website’s keywords and content.

The official Google Webmaster blog officially announced a few years ago. This notice is as follows;

You may have heard that Google pays more for your web site than anything else. Efforts are being made in this area every day,

and part of these efforts to track the speed of website traffic are coming up as “website speed” in Google’s new algorithms.

The speed at which your site is loaded with it,

and then loaded to it, is the same factor that you can show. A website can be responsive to frequent requests from its users …

The same can be said for how good a website can load at a high loading rate,

but the important thing is the initial load of a website at a time when the user is through the search result. Google enters your website and this time it’s the first to enter your website.

What’s important here is that if your web site speed is more than usual,

you will eventually lose your user because the platforms that people use to connect to the World Wide Web today are on the phone. Well, of course, there is a mobile phone with Internet access and according to the range of people (in Iran!)

One can not guarantee 100% of people who have high speed Internet access, so you need to design a website that can make this the biggest customer recruitment factor.

This factor,

if not timely and accurately investigated, can itself be exploited by a major crisis in obtaining customer satisfaction from visiting your website.

One of the most obvious of these is when you sign up for a festival of people who want to be on your website (this public announcement can be made through Google Adwords advertisements and on one of the links or pages of your website). Or take other promotions such as SMS, social networks or mass mailing advertisements (make an initial registration).

Well, you think that if more than half of the users want to enter your website with your smartphone and if your website is not designed for a smartphone and its initial loading speed is high (the initial loading speed includes loading your web site The site is in the first hit and can not contain cache in any way)

 Then you can not properly plan your Internet sign ups, and even a large percentage of users no longer want to visit your website! 🙁

The point that you should pay attention to is that choosing the right platform for your website + content that has proportional volume resources (not so much volume and not so low volume) can be at the top of your website at Initial loading help.

The ways in which you can get your website up to the top speed loading:

Reduce the volume of major website downloads, including CSS and JS files
Avoid HTTP 300, 400, and 500 unnecessary
Avoid using @import in CSS
Update your content management system
Catch all parts of your website
Use CDN services
Use Valid Web Hosts
Upgrade your website databases
Add the scripts of your website that you are writing to JS using

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