How to set the spf record on the admin directory

In this session we will serve you with setting up spf record on the admin directory, email servers such as Yahoo, Gmail, etc. use a variety of methods to authenticate emails.

Using spf records is also one of the main ways to identify emails sent to mail servers,

so that emails sent to email servers are evaluated on a number of criteria before they can be emailed to subscribers to identify them and allow It will take a lot of spam to send.

What is the exact definition of spf ?!

When a server wants to send spam emails with your site’s domain name,

will the destination server check to see if your domain has a spf record? Does this Spf Record return your domain name? Is the e-mail sent by their forwarded IP or FQDN servers listed in the Spf Record?

If the spf was available for that domain and the information provided was correct,

the e-mail sent would be processed as standard, otherwise the email would be spam.

If there are no records such as dkim or spf on your server,

it is very likely that the emails sent from you will not reach the inbox of the contact and be spammed.

If you have not yet installed dkim you can use the tutorial we have put on the website and follow this tutorial to set up spf.

Steps to set the spf record on the admin directory

Navigate to your DNS management or DNS administration section first, where your website records information is now. You need to create a txt record by this section, just paste it in the txt box below.

  v = spf1 a mx ip4: ~ all

Note that you need to set the IP address of your server instead of the existing ip address. If you are using shared hosting you can ping your site to find the ip address of your hosting server and then replace the above code.

spf record - Set spf in the admin directory

After inserting the above code, click on the Add button to create a new record.

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