How to protect your privacy on YouTube?

چگونه از حریم خصوصی خود در یوتیوب حفاظت کنیم؟

A leading guide emphasizing the importance of the privacy of users in the world of the Web, has the most important implications for privacy in the desktop and mobile versions of the YouTube platform.

Today, YouTube has become an integral part of the online world, of course, privacy is a very important topic.

 All Internet users can watch your activity, including watching video habits and likes and dislikes on this platform.

If you create a video and upload it to YouTube, you may unwittingly share some of your confidential information, such as phone numbers and addresses.

In this article, we are going to remind you of some important points to keep your privacy safe on this popular video platform, as long as possible.
These guidelines are for both YouTube desktop and mobile versions.

Hide your favorite video clips

Start the process of protecting your privacy on YouTube by controlling the two main issues of video viewing habits and likes.

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In the desktop version

Go to the YouTube homepage. Click on the avatar of your avatar avatar. First select Settings and then Privacy.

On this page, you can choose to view videos of your own and channels that are part of the channel as well as the saved playlists or give other users access to it.

By checking these options, you can enter public or specific access to either of these. After this step, complete the changes by clicking Save.

In the mobile version

In the YouTube mobile app, tap on the avatar icon located in the top right corner.

Select My Channel.

Tap the gear icon on the right side of your name.

Under the Privacy section, you can restrict viewing of your favorite videos and content channels or saved playlists only by yourself.

Turn off or customize ad personalization

Google watches all the videos you watch on YouTube and uses this information to display personalized ads. If you do not want Google to pursue your promotional tastes, you can disable this feature.

If you’re having trouble with these customized ads, but you still want to increase control over your privacy, you can remove some information that Google has about your favorites, such as musical tastes.

In the desktop version

In the Settings menu, go to Privacy and then, from the Ads based on my interest section, click the Google Ads Settings link.

To disable the possibility of personalizing ads, you need to move the slider to Off in the Ad Personization section. Let’s remind you that this will also disable other Google services, such as search queries.

If you would like to manipulate Google’s advertising settings on YouTube, go to the section How your ads are personalized at the bottom of the page.

In this section, you can see what Google knows of your favorites and also, by choosing one or more items, remove them from the Google info list for yourself.

On the page that appears, click Turn Off.

It is worth noting that you can not remove information related to your age and gender. Of course, you will always be able to update your gender and age information, but you can not delete them altogether.


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In the mobile version

In the YouTube mobile app, select the Library option at the bottom of the page. Then, select History and click on the megapixel menu. Now log in to History Controls.
Tap Manage all activity.

Now on the page that appears, enter the triangular menu and click on the option for another Google activity.

Go to the bottom of the screen to reach the Google Ads Setting section. Then, tap Manage Ad Settings. Now log in to a page where you can deactivate or edit the advertising personalization.

Clear the history of the viewed and searched videos

When you log into your Google account, YouTube watches your viewed videos and your search history.

You can delete all the history of browsing and searching videos or part of it for your choice.


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In the desktop version

Go to the YouTube homepage and in the left menu, click History. In this section, a list of all the videos you watch is displayed.

With the mouse cursor on any of the desired videos, the X button will show that by clicking on it, you can delete that video from the history.

To delete all videos, select Clear All Watch History on the right side of the page.

To prevent the history of watching videos on YouTube, click Pause Watch History on the right side of the page.

To apply this change to the search history of videos, select the Search History option on the right side of the page.

Alternatively, you can delete them by clicking the X button next to any searches that were searched.

You can also select Clear All Search History to delete all items at once.

Also, if you select the Pause Search History option, you can stop the search history reminders.


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In the mobile version

When using the YouTube mobile app, in the lower-right corner of the screen, tap the Library icon and then the History option.

If you are logged into the Google account, you can now access the list of all your viewed videos on YouTube.

Open the triple menu next to any of your favorite videos. Then remove it by selecting Remove from Watch history.

Open the triangle menu at the top of the page and open History Controls. To remove all videos from the viewing history, select Clear Watch History. You must also select Clear Search History to delete all queries.

To stop the history of video reminders, slide the slider to the Pause Watch History option, and also slide the slider to Pause Search History to stop the history reminder history.

Keep your videos private

If you upload videos to YouTube yourself, you need to be careful not to attack your privacy.

Be careful that these videos do not include any information or video you do not want to be in public.

This is the personal information, for example, your car license or your home. Always take care of the background of the videos, because images and private information may be displayed in this section.

After these arrangements, consider the following points so that only a certain number of users can watch your videos.


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In the desktop version

Go to Creator Studio Uploads Page. Remember Creator Studio, where your YouTube videos are uploaded, has been updated recently.

The instructions for this section are provided with the latest version.

Look for the column called Visibility and find the video with your mouse to change your privacy settings.

Click the down arrow and select one of the Private or Unlisted options. By choosing Private mode, no one can watch your video unless you share the link with them.

In private, the video does not appear in the search for videos, it does not go to your YouTube channel, it does not appear on the YouTube feed, others can not share it, it’s not visible on any part of the channel, and users can not comment on it.

In addition, the Unlisted video does not appear in the search for videos and will not be broadcast on your channel and will not be visible in the feeds of the channel members, but users can share it and record their views on it. The video will also be seen on the channel side.

To share private or unlisted videos, you need to move your mouse to the right of the description and open the triangle menu at the left of the Visibility column, and then select the Get Shareable Link option.

Thus, the video link is copied to the clipboard and you can use it to send the link by email or texting or any other way you like.

If you uploaded a new video on your YouTube channel in the future and you did not want to see its users public, select one of the Private or Unlisted options in the process of uploading your video.

In the mobile version

In the upper right corner of the home screen, tap on your avatar icon and select My Channel.

Now you’ll be directed to a different page that shows you all uploads, playlists, videos, saved playlists, and other channels to which you are subscribed.

Vertical dot is seen along with any of your uploaded videos. Tap this vertical triangle.

In the popup menu that opens, select Edit.

In this section, you can edit the title, description, tags, location, and privacy settings and security of your video.

Choose Privacy. Now you can choose one of the public or unlisted or private security options of your choice.





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