How To Infect People with SubSeven

To Infect People with SubSeven, There are initially two situations:-

The person you are trying to infect is already infected with some other Trojan, which you or someone else may have planted in his computer. This situation makes our life much easier.

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In such “friendly” conditions, all you have to do is open up your victim’s computer as a HTTP/FTP server and then using any ftp client like CuteFtp or WS_FTP Pro, upload the SubSeven 2.0 server on to it.

Now you have to keep one thing in mind while doing this – as soon as you have uploaded the server to his computer, Execute it ,provided you have access to his computer using some other Trojan.

If you don’t have access to his computer through a trojan , but have only FTP access (which may be due to some other trojan opening up his FTP port ) remember to copy the Subseven Server to his C:\WINDOWS\START MENU\PROGRAMS\STARTUP folder.

By doing this ,

the next time your victim starts up the windows, your server will get executed , since it is in the startup folder. And then you can access his computer via the highly advanced SubSeven Client which is full of so many kewl features.

Another thing i would like to mention is that in such situation DO NOT bind the server with any other program, otherwise it will draw attention of the victim. So use the “raw” server in such situations which will execute silently and get installed without grabbing the Victim’s attention.

(b) Unlike the first situation , where we had some sort of initial access to the victim’s computer., in this case we would have to do some hard work and try to fool the vitim into believing that we are giving him a good software ,not a virus or a trojan.

Here you would have to use your common sense. I have seen situations where two friends throw up a challenge that one of them will hack the other’s computer.

Now if YOU are in such a situation take the following points into considerations :

  1. Does your friend know that naughty programs like TROJANS do exist in this world ? If he doesn’t know that , he ‘s a loser straight away. Configure your server , bind it with a game or some exe file and give it to him .He’s sure gonna run it *LOL 😉

2.If he happens to know about TROJANS, then most probably he will be very cautious while accepting files from you. And if his frame of mind is strong that he won’t let you hack his computer, most probably he will never accept any sort of program from you, and even if he does, he won’t run it .So you gotta use some “Guerilla Warfare” on him. HEHEHE See the next paragraph.

GUERILLA WARFARE (The art of attacking your Victim when he’s totally unaware)

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First of all grab all the weapons you will need :-

Subseven 2.0 , MICQ , X-Netstat , The Joiner , ICQ Auto-Authorise/IP Unhider Patch , FTP Server , Micro Angelo 98 , Trojan Hunter By Blade &The Thing by Blade. I will explain each of them one by one and why and when will you need them..

SubSeven 2.0 – I have explained about this in great detail, if you still haven’t read about it go here .

MICQ (ScreenShot + Detail) – You will need this software while using ICQ. This software enables you to open upto 999 copies of ICQ simultaneously. You will need this when you try to fool your friend through ICQ posing , as a hot Sexy girl 😉

X-Netstat (ScreenShot + Detail) – This is a Windows version of the Netstat program available with windows. This software is quite user friendly, and will show the network related activities going on your computer like all open connections and the ports on which they are listening etc. Really handy if you wanna keep a check on your computer and the machines it is interacting with, while you are online.

The New Joiner (ScreenShot + Detail) – This is a brilliant program for binding the “Server” with any sort of file . The “server” can be binded to a .Wav , .BMP, .JPG , .EXE file etc. But the result will ALWAYS be stored in EXE format. The new version is not detected by Anti-Virus.

ICQ Auto-Authorise/ IP Unhider – This patch is required to add the victim’s ICQ Uin to your contact list without his permission. Apart from adding his UIN to your contact list,

you can also view his IP Address even if he has hidden it.

SS FTP Server – Now this is a very interesting program. Now what it does is that

if you execute this on your victim’s computer even once, his computer will become a FTP server whenever he’s online.

So it acts as a backdoor for uploading new trojans even if you have lost access to his computer through your trojan. But you have to remember one thing that since this program opens up the victim’s computer as a FTP server ,

he’s open to the whole everybody who knows that his FTP port is open.

Another piece of information I would like to add is that this FTP Server opens up at default FTP port i.e Port 21 and there is NO Login/Password for it

(I mean it automatically logs in as “Anonymous”,

you don’t have to make any changes in your FTP Client) And you CANNOT change the PORT.

So be very careful while using this unless you want the victim’s computer to become a trojan playground. WARNING : DO NOT RUN THIS FILE ON YOUR COMPUTER,


MicroAngelo 98 (ScreenShot + Detail) – This wonderful program is really helpful for changing the icons of your “Server”. By default the SubSeven Server does not have any icons,

and this option of changing icon is valid only on some selected versions of “Servers”.

So before attempting to change the icon, please make sure that your version of “Server” has this option available. However there is work around for this which will work even if your version of “Server” doesn’t support changing icons.

*LOL it sounds real fun doesn’t it. First bind your server with another program using “The Joiner”. By default after getting binded, “The Joiner” gives the resulant file an icon of a microchip ,

but the interesting fact is that you can now change the icon of the resultant file using MicroAngelo 98.

There you have it -a new icon for your server !!!

( Note: If you don’t want to bind the server with another program,

then it will not be possible for you to change the icon of the serveer unless the server itself supports changing icons).

Trojan Hunter By Blade (ScreenShot + Detail) – This is a kick ass multiple trojan scanner program created by Blade.

The purpose of this software is to scan a host range of ip addresses and find out ip addresses which are infected by trojans. You can even customise the ports to scan for according to your specification,

if you want to scan for any particular trojan on some particular port.

The ThiNG By Blade (ScreenShot + Detail) – This is a brilliant mini Trojan from Blade (This guy RoXX). These days with increasing trojan infections happening all over the world,

people are getting more aware about viruses and trojans.

So they feel reluctant to accept suspicious files from strangers and especially if the files are quite big in size i.e 250kb or more.

This excellent trojan is really small in size ,just 40Kb !!! And once the victim executes it ,

a backdoor is created on the Victim’s computer through which

you can upload your major trojans like SubSeven etc which are big in size.

Click on ScreenShot + Detail to find out more about this brilliant mini trojan 😉

Now once you have grabbed all the necessary tools,

now we can now discuss the real life situations : *LOL I hope you are still awake till now 😉


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