How to Improve Fingerprint Speed ​​on Samsung Galaxy S 20 Series Phones

Here are some ways to increase the speed and accuracy of an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor on a Galaxy S20 series smartphone.

Samsung has used an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S 20 series smartphones , like its previous flagship family. The sensor below the display is built-in and its performance is sluggish, and there’s nothing to say in competition with similar products; however, users can change the situation by taking action.

Use appropriate screen protectors

Galaxy S 20

One of the first things that users should learn when working

with the fingerprint recognition sensor below the screen is to be careful about the type of screen savers they use. While most screensavers know how to make products that do not interfere with the fingerprint recognition sensor, this is not the case for all of them. The following protective glass is suitable for ultrasonic fingerprint recognition sensors:

  • Whitestone Dome Glass Shield: As mentioned earlier,
  • glass shields on Samsung Galaxy S-Series phones need more care to avoid interfering with the performance of the ultrasonic sensor; The product is certainly expensive at $ 4, but it will stick well to the screen and last longer.
  • ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Protective Glass: This oleophobic protective coating is priced at $ 5 and uses a wet mounting method to reduce the risk of bubble formation or incorrect installation.
  • InvisibleShield Ultra Clear Protective Glass:
  • This $ 4 protective coating, apart from its resistance to scratches and blows,
  • has antimicrobial properties and protects the holder from germs that may cause disease.

Delete fingerprint templates in phone settings after changing screen saver


To experience the speed and accuracy of the fingerprint recognition sensor,

the Galaxy S20’s screen protector glass will be replaced or removed each time,

and fingerprint data must be deleted and re-entered. No matter how clean or strong the screen protector is, and at first, if the user has registered their fingerprint with another screen protector in the handset, the new protector glass may be in trouble.

This will only take a minute. When replacing or removing the protector, enter the phone’s Settings page and record new patterns by deleting your fingerprint data.

Reinstall fingerprint templates in phone settings

Galaxy S 20

When the user feels that the fingerprint recognition sensor function is not fast

or sufficiently accurate after replacing the screen glass,

the best way is to delete previous data and record new fingerprint patterns. Obviously, Samsung’s ultrasonic sensor does not have fast speeds, so it is best to give this technology a chance by recording the right fingerprint data.

Spend more time placing your finger on the sensor at each step when performing fingerprint registration. Do not place your phone on the table to record the data and hold it as you would during the day to unlock it. When importing fingerprint templates, the phone will ask you to move your finger. At this point, really move your fingers to record different parts of the finger and different angles. The more data the finger creates, the better.

Double-tap the template for one finger

This is mostly a precaution, and some believe it will help the ultrasonic sensor to detect the fingerprint faster,

while others say that double-taping a pattern on one finger only confuses the system. However, the user can double-register a fingerprint to give the most possible data to the fingerprint sensor.

Whenever a user places their finger on the fingerprint recognition sensor, the system checks the user’s fingerprint with other datasets. Often, the fingerprint may be recognized as valid data. If users are having problems with your fingerprint recognition sensor, double-typing the pattern for one finger may work.

Enable Always On Display

Always On Display

For Samsung products, the fingerprint sensor message is not displayed as long as the display is off. Therefore, if the user does not use the Always On Display feature, he / she will not find the finger position to unlock the screen. Since the fingerprint recognition sensor is inaccurate about where your finger is positioned, you can easily find the relevant part just by turning on the always-on display feature.

To enable the Daydream feature, tap the notification bar or the Settings, Display, and Always On Display bar. Next, go to Settings to display the fingerprint icon when the screen is off and open the Biometrics and Security section and change the Show icon when screen is off to On Always On Display. If you don’t want to use the daytime display feature, set the minimum settings to Tap to show so that the fingerprint icon appears when you tap the screen.

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