How to Fix the Copy / Paste problem on Remote Desktop

If you are studying this article,

you probably have a Windows dedicated or virtual server that has the Copy / Paste process disabled. You can not copy or paste anything from your computer to the server, or vice versa.

Sometimes, after connecting to your vps server with Remote Desktop Connection,

you may find that the Paste option is disabled on the VPs and you can not copy anything from your computer to your vps server.

What is the vps server (vps)?

The “virtual private server” stands for private virtual private server. If we want to mean the server simply,

we can mean the server as a always-on computer that has an operating system

(usually Linux and Windows) and a high-speed Internet.

Servers are usually stored side-by-side and in a place called Datastarner or the same data center. From the world’s largest datacenters,

we can point to Datacenter Soft Layer and Hetzner.

Iran also has a few large datacenters like Afranet, Azattek, and Pars Online, which,

of course, do not qualify for quality datacenters, but due to the low distance of the server with Iranian users and less ping, many large Persian sites use these data centers Use and are hosted internally.

Virtual servers are part of a large dedicated server that is divided by virtual machines into small servers with dedicated resources. Each virtual server can have its own different resources and operating system using a virtual machine.

Usually on virtual servers two Linux and Windows platforms are installed,

which is today’s discussion of Windows virtual servers (Windows Server).

On a Windows virtual server, you can connect to your server using the Remote Desktop Connection application. The Windows server environment is quite similar to our own windows and you can install the software you need on your own. Of course, its speed is very high.

 What is a virtual server and who does it use?

Linus virtual servers are usually used for web hosting (I mean web hosting is the maintenance of the site on the server).

Windows servers are also used for web hosting (typically, government sites and organizations use the Windows server) for webmasters to perform downloading and uploading.

Our goal in this article is to use webmasters from Windows servers. The main task of a webmaster (the administrator or author of a site) by connecting to Windows servers can be downloading bulky files like movies, software and music.

Webmasters download bulky files with vps, make some edits like toggle and … on the file, and then upload the file to their server, host and download site.

The reason for using the VPS is also the same speed, for example, a 1 GB file can be download and uploaded in 10 seconds.

Solve the problem of not logging in from the computer to the vps server

If the paste option is disabled in Windows Server and you can not copy anything from your computer to the server, just follow these steps to fix the problem.

Step 1: First, connect to your Windows server using Remote Desktop Connection.

Step 2: Run the Task Manager application on your Windows server. The easiest way to run a task is to use the combination keys ctrl + shift + esc.

Step 3: In the server manager, go to the Processes Tab tab.

Step 4: Now go to rdpclip.exe from the running processes and select it. Then click End Process on the bottom of the application.


Step 5: In this step, click on the File tab and then select New Task.


Step 6: In the window that opens, type rdpclip and then OK.


By doing so, the problem of not Pasting from the computer to the VPS server will be solved.

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