How to enable Windows 10 Night Light functionality and prevent blue light?

Windows 10’s Night Light feature is one of the features that helps keep your eyes squeezed and filtered by blue light screen filters.

The blue light emitted by your computer can cause health problems, including disruption of your sleep cycle. Microsoft has come to the aid of preventing these releasing symptoms.

The blue light filtering tool included in Windows 10 settings called Night light does not change the brightness or transparency of your screen, but rather changes the color temperature of the screen by changing the amount of blue displayed on the screen.

How to enable Night Light mode on Windows 10?

Before Microsoft enabled blue light filtering in Windows 10, users had to use third-party apps to determine the level of blue light emitted from their screens. But fortunately for now, this feature has been added to Windows 10 itself and is very easy to activate.

Step 1. Click the Windows 10 Start button in the lower-left corner of the screen, and then click the gear icon to enter the Windows Settings section.

Step 2. After the Windows Settings window appears, select System from the available options.

Step 3. Then select Display from the left panel options. Now in the right pane, click the Night light settings link.

Note that Night Light is not available on all devices, especially those using Basic Display or DisplayLink drivers. Similarly, if you use two or more monitors, Night Light functionality may not apply to your monitors.

Step 4. Click the Turn on now button to activate Night Light immediately.

Step 5. If you want Night Light to automatically turn on at certain times, set the Schedule night light button to On. This will display two options. The default option is Sunset to sunrise, which turns on the Night Light feature at sunset and turns off at sunrise. The time between sunset and sunrise is automatically determined by your time zone.

If you prefer to set your own Night Light functionality, select the second option or Set hours and set the on and off hours.

You can also adjust the light intensity range using the Color temperature at night slider. The slider to the right tends to increase the orange light of the display and the blue to the left turns the blue light.

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