How to Enable RCS Messaging on Android?

Google has only enabled RCS messaging in the UK and France at the moment, but users can access it from other countries using a specific method.

Using the RCS Messaging standard, Google has updated the Messages app on the Android operating system to allow iMessage messaging. Google has officially released the new Messages using the RCS standard in the UK and France, but using a specific method can make the Android Messages app look like a forced iMessage. Progressive training is also applicable to RCS reset.

To do this, go to the Google Play Store first and download the Google Messages Beta app; if you’ve downloaded this app before, make sure it is updated to the latest version. Make sure the Carrier Services utility is installed on your phone.

Next, you need to download Activity Launcher for Android. Once done, turn off WiFi and clear the cache. At this point, open Activity Launcher and select All Activities.

After the steps above, look for the Messages app and in the bottom menu, find an option called Set RCS Flags. After tapping on the option above, find and select another option called ACS Url. In the open menu, select and go to the next step. Then follow the steps in setting up Android Messages; it will probably take you about three minutes to complete.

Fix iMessage problem

If you see no change, clear Carrier Services data and force the Android Messages app (Force Stop). Then you have to reopen the Activity Launcher, tap Recent Activities and then All Activities, look for Android Messages and select Set RCS Flags. Finally look for the OTP Pattern option and find it. A new menu opens that you should look for and select:

Your \ sMessenger \ sverification \ scode \ sis \ sG – (\ d {6})

After you’re done, tap Apply and restart the device. When you open the Messages app, you will see that it has changed its appearance and found a form similar to iMessage.

Users in the UK or France have probably changed the look of their default messaging app automatically so far.

However, the above method would be very useful for those outside of these countries. At first, it was thought to work on all Android devices, but recent reports have shown that messaging via the Messenger app on van plus phones is not even enabled by the above method. Needless to say, the above method doesn’t work on dual-SIM phones either.

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