WordPress security, How to Disable comments in WordPress

In this session we will discuss how to disable comments in WordPress, you may need specific reasons to disable comments in WordPress, including spam or not having comments on certain pages of your website.

Comments can be disabled in different ways in WordPress, the settings and how to use WordPress plugins will be discussed in both ways.

How to disable WordPress comments in Settings of WordPress security

This way you can disable WordPress comments in general,

either individually or on specific pages without the need for any plugins.

To disable WordPress comments in general, just go to the WordPress Settings section of the WordPress counter and then the dialogs. You can disable WordPress comments by unchecking the “Allow comments for new posts” section.


If you don’t want to disable comments in WordPress in general and just want to remove this feature for specific pages, you can click on the Edit button in the Posts section.


You will now see information from the published post

that you can uncheck the “Accept comments” check box and then click the Update button.

Disable Comments in WordPress by Disable Comments plugin

With the Disable Comments plugin you can easily paste WordPress comments into any section you need

and do not need to be edited in groups or individually.

disable comments plugin

Simply click Disable Comments after installing the plugin from the Settings section. On this page, you can disable WordPress comments in groups or categories.

Checking Everywhere will leave comments in all WordPress sections completely disabled.

You can optionally disable comments in WordPress by selecting the On certain post types option

and locking it in any part of WordPress you do not wish to.

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