How to change our Instagram username?

Instagram has given us the ability to change usernames, which will explain how to change your Instagram username.

Some social networks may not change the username or some social networks limit the number of usernames.

However, there are no restrictions on social networks like Instagram and users can change their username at any time.

There is a big difference between usernames and usernames on Instagram. The Instagram usernames are displayed on the profile page at the bottom of each user’s avatar image. Also, your name on Instagram can include certain emoji or characters that is not true of the username.

The username actually appears at the top of the instagram page and is the address of your page which must be unique. Your username in Instagram cannot be more than 2 characters long and should only contain letters, numbers, dashes and some other symbols. Next, we’ll teach you how to change your Instagram username on a smartphone and in a web version.

Change Instagram username on smartphone

  • Sign in to your Instagram account on iOS or Android first .
  • Click your profile photo at the bottom corner of the page and enter your page.

Instagram / instagram

  • Click Edit Profile below your biography .


  • In the Username field, enter your new name. Note that the username must be completely new and unique and you will not be able to save the changes until a green tick for your username has been issued.

Instagram / instagram

  • Finally click on Done and finish the job.

Note : If you want to change your name on Instagram, you must make these changes in the Name section.

Rename your Instagram account to desktop

If you are using the web version of Instagram on your computer and you want to change your username this way, you should follow this path:

  • In the web browser, go to the Instagram .com website.

  • Log in to your Instagram account.
  • Click your profile icon to the right of the home screen.


  • Enter the Edit Profile section.
  • In the Username section , change your username and in the Name section , you can rename it on Instagram.


Tip : If your username is unavailable or your username is a duplicate, try changing it with numbers or dashes to make it a unique username. However, the username may be available in the future, as many users may change their usernames and Instagram will also delete fake accounts.

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