How to Build your own emoji online

If the emoji online in messenger apps aren’t enough for you and you want more emoji to express exactly how you feel, you can simply design and save your own emoji.

Emoji are undoubtedly very popular among users. There are now a significant number of emojis, the most popular of which are yellow emoticons. But have you ever felt that the emoji you are looking for is not among them? Or have you been looking for a particular emoji but haven’t seen it like in the emoji list?

Phlntn has an interesting tool called Emoji Builder that allows you to create your own emoji. This site has almost all the items used in lovely emoji and you can make your own mix. For example, all eyes, lips, eyebrows, etc. are available on this site to tailor them to human, cat, demon, and so on.

The interesting thing is the ability to move items so that you can, for example, adjust the location of the eye so that everything goes as you want. Finally the designed emoji will be delivered to you in PNG.

Login to Emoji Builder

Add emoji to the telegram

You can convert this saved image by @Clippy ID to a sticker (be sure to send the downloaded emoji as a File for this ID, not the image) and simply send it to your friends. You can even make a lot of emoji and eventually turn them into stickers with Stickers @ Robot so that everyone can use them. To do this, you will have two different steps. You must first edit the stickers with the telegram requirements and then send your stickers to the telegram with the help of the Stickers robot.


The stickers sent for the telegram must have the following characteristics: Images must be 4 pixels long or width. In fact, at least one of the values ​​of length or width should be 2 pixels and the other one is 2 or less. For your convenience, the telegram will provide you with a suggested PSD file that you can open and move your stickers to, and then output from, ready to send your stickers without the slightest hassle.

After completing the above steps and making stickers that are eligible for the telegram, it will be time to send them and build your collection, which the telegram itself has suggested to do with the computer version of this messenger. On the telegram homepage and in the magnifying glass, look for the stickers name and click on the robot once it’s found. A discussion page will open where the stickers will be made in this section. First, send a message that the robot will congratulate you on your arrival and send you a list of possible commands.

To start construction,

type / newstickerpack and send to this robot. After this step, the sticker robot asks you to choose a name for your sticker set. After giving it a name, the telegram asks you to set an emoji according to your sticker mood (sad, happy, surprised, etc.). The reason for this is easier access to stickers, so that you can see a snapshot of the sad stickers you linked to this emoji by clicking on the “cry” emoji without having to refer to the stickers tab. , Send stickers quickly. If you don’t want to spend time on this topic, you can send one sticker for all stickers.

After sending each sticker, the bot will remind you of the number of stickers you have already entered, and if you want to continue, just send the next sticker. At the last step and after sending all the stickers you want, submit the publish / command to have your stickers released in a matter of seconds and ready to use. Before the final step, however, you must select an ID or name for this sticker set so you will not have problems sharing the sticker link.

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