How much money can you really make from YouTube ?!

We go to YouTube and search for something and see that someone is sitting at the opportunity and making a 10 minute video to answer that question.

For example, he compared two flagship phones. When we look at the video, we see that it has a professional cinematography and it is obvious that the camera, lighting, editing and applying professional effects and moving text on the video have been used.

We guess it took at least a few days to produce this video. OK! The paycheck was taken by YouTube video content producer, or YouTube, and its video appeared on the first page of the search and received thousands of views.

But what could be the user’s financial incentive? Is he making a profit on the rest of his co-workers for all this time and investment and possibly a substantial salary?

YouTubeCan we also make videos in the current situation in Iran and receive money from Google?

Since I have no experience, I will only draw your attention to the answer of one of the YouTubers:

Our YouTube video content maker Shelby Church is a young lady. He started making videos for YouTube in 2009. That is, when YouTube was not yet a giant.

Ms. Shelby was only 14 years old when she was posting, mostly for entertainment and to see her videos being watched and commented on by many people.

For years, he did not receive any special money from YouTube. Until 10 years ago the situation changed. At that time, some Shelby videos had already reached one million views.

At this time, Shelby’s entourage, who knew he was active on YouTube, from his Uber driver to close and distant friends and family members, asked him how much he really earned on YouTube.

Well, their curiosity cannot be blamed. This is the question that every writer, blogger, Instagram or YouTube activist is asked.

Usually, in my personal experience, people are sometimes alienated from personal love and affection and can not understand that the initial motivation of many users is only internal and spiritual, and of course all these people if money comes out of love, a They also find shell satisfaction.

Now we come to Ms. Shelby’s main answer:

YouTube allocates a portion of its revenue to producers for displaying ads and promoting ads and links. As you know, we usually have to endure a 15 to 30 second ad before playing videos. Then we can watch the video for a few minutes and after that we usually have another intermediate ad.

Additionally, text ads may be displayed below the videos.

This is how YouTube makes money, and from there, it gives money to YouTube users.

Example 1: Video on how to take pictures in figures

Well, here Ms. Shelby has found a good topic for making the video. If you do a Google search, you will find dozens of good text articles about it. However, the gender of the subject is such that we usually watch the video, it is easier to understand its points and we are guided better in the form of video.

Video made by Ms. Shelby; It has 3,900,000 viewers and it has received $ 1275 for this amount of views or views.

OK! Do not pull out the calculator too soon. Work is not simply multiplication and division. This does not mean that if the viewing of another video is lower or higher than this video, the revenue will simply be lower or higher.

Ms. Shelby estimates that the average revenue for every 3 million hits is between $ 6,000 and $ 15,000.

Do not get too excited, as I said, work is not simply multiplication and division. For example, the same Ms. Shelby had a high-profile video that brought her very little money. Why?!

Because this particular video has been seen mostly by users outside the US and as a result has not been able to attract advertisers. The video was actually popular because YouTube algorithms showed it to people other than Shelby regular subscribers in India, the Philippines, Pakistan and Nepal. These countries all have much lower CPM rates or revenue per visit than the United States, Australia and Canada.

If your video is viewed by American users, you earn about $ 4 per thousand views. If you have only $ 1.16 per thousand Indian user visits. YouTube is up 45 percent. So every thousand visits of Indian users cost only 58 cents!

Ms. Shelby, on the other hand, made another video about the features of the Tesla Model 3, which received about 2 million views. But he got the same 2 million views; He earned $ 11,500.

This video was 10 minutes long, and because it was the right length, there was a mid-program ad in the middle of the video, so it increased the revenue so much, and as you can see, the subject of the video is that it is mostly viewed in the US and Canada. had. The CPM of this video was about $ 11!

In general and introductory to the question of the title of this post can be said:

1. It depends on how subjective you are

2. What is the skill of cultivating the subject and the type of your video presentation?

3. How technically proficient are you, either in making videos or presenting videos on YouTube?

4- How many raw visits do you get?

5. Which geographical area have you visited from users of this visit?

For a global user, YouTube can be a good source of revenue.

In this post, I just wanted to start the topic with a new excuse. Among Iranian users, there are those who professionally and committedly intend to use YouTube. In other words, we have to talk about what it costs to become a YouTube user.

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