G-Sync Activation A Comprehensive Training for Nvidia

G-Sync is the name that Nvidia has put on its variable refresh technology. G-Sync is the name of Nvidia’s proprietary technology that eliminates the effect of tearing the screen by synchronizing the display’s refresh rate and frame output. 

G-Sync is proprietary technology, and device manufacturers have to pay Nvidia for the privilege of using it in addition to using a specific hardware module on their display.

How to enable G-Sync on PC?

Right-click on the desktop screen, then select NVIDIA Control Panel. Now go to the Display option on the left panel and finally Enable G-Sync. Under the Enable G-Sync option, you can choose to enable G-Sync in Full Screen mode or in Full Screen and Windowed Modes.

gsyncClick to view original dimensions

Enable G-Sync on PC with multiple monitors

Right-click on the desktop and then select NVIDIA Control Panel. Now from the left panel, go to Display and at the end, go to Set up Multiple Displays. Now make sure you set up the monitors as needed and select one of the monitors as the Primary Display.

gsync multiple settings

Select Primary Display with Windows 7

If you were not able to enable Primary Display through these methods, do so: Enter Windows 8 settings and select Display from the System tab, and then select Make This My Primary Display from the bottom of this page.

display settings

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