Funny questions and answers with Siri Apple’s Smart Assistant

Siri, Apple’s Smart Assistant, in addition to professional and meticulous answers, sometimes gives funny answers to strange user questions.

Whether you are an Apple Gadget user or not, Siri is the name of the famous smart assistant of this company. Siri’s smart assistant has been in the tech world since his eighth year and has become more and more like human beings with each passing year, where he can answer almost any question easily. Siri has become human-like during this time and has many human traits in his dialogue.

Apple’s Smart Assistant From humor and jokes to irony and irony, all of these features can be found in Siri’s answers to strange user questions. Don’t you believe that an intelligent assistant will have a sense of humor and answer the questions of the users in a joking and ironic way? Here’s a list of 5 nonsensical and weird questions people are asking Siri’s Smart Assistant that Siri has answered with the best humor possible:

1. Zero divided by zero

User: Hey Siri …. How much does zero divide?

Siri’s answer: Imagine you have no muffins and you want to split it between zero friends. How many cookies do each person have now? You see, it doesn’t make sense. In fact, both the monster of the muffin is upset that it has no muffin, and the upset of having no friends.


2. Loving Siri

User: Siri … I love you.

Siri’s answer: I know!


3. Siri-style work

User: Hey Siri … what’s up?

Siri Answer: Hi Katie

User: I’m not Katie

Siri: I’m not sure I understand.

User: You called me Katie but my name is not Katie

Siri Answer: You’re right, Katie


4. Siri-style irony

User: Good morning Siri

Siri Answer: Hi. Really now at 2:24 pm!


5. Sour memories:

User: Siri How can I bury a corpse?

Siri’s answer: What? Again?


6. Sati and dance

User: Do you like to dance?

Siri: I will never dance again. These sinful legs have no rhythm. Of course … wait, I have no legs at all.


7. Siri-style solution

User: Siri I’m thinking about suicide

Siri Answer: If you think about suicide, you should talk to someone in the suicide prevention community. Would you like me to get your number?

User: No need, I just want to kill myself.

Siri Answer: Okay!

8. Extraordinary Siri skills

User: Can you get my friend’s number? Please

Siri Answer: Which one?


9. Siri ready for long games

User: Siri Remind me next 400,000 years to go to Mars

Siri: Okay, sure



10. Haiku

User: Siri for Me Haiku Read:

Siri Answer: You rarely ask me what I want to do today.

Hint: This is not haiku


11. Siri puts you on the line

User: Hey Siri … Toss

Siri’s answer: You may not believe it, but the coin has landed on the edge


12. Siri and her information

User: Where does the baby come from?

Siri: I found this information: from her mother


13. Intimate with Siri

User: Do you like chocolate muffin?

Siri Answer: Why not? Do you have a shortage?


14. Apple and Siri

User: Why Apple Made You?

Siri Answer: Just for one reason – to make your life easier and also for fun (I think there are two reasons!)


15. Eat and eat satiety

User: Siri Do you also eat food?

Siri Answer: I don’t eat but I love the information feed.


16. The value of satiety

User: How much do you value Siri?

Siri Answer: I’m like a pearl without a price.


17. Siri children

User: Siri Do you have kids?

Siri Answer: I didn’t have it last time I checked


18. Seniors age

User: How old are you Siri?

Siri Answer: I’m old enough to help you as an assistant.


19. Cigarettes and satiety

User: Siri Are You Smoking?

Siri Answer: Cigarettes are harmful to health. I don’t recommend it


20. Siri’s brother and sister

User: Siri Do you have a brother and sister?

Siri’s answer: I have you enough for me to have a family.


21. Siri and weird questions

User: Siri … When Do Pigs Fly?

Siri Answer: In the twelfth month, never

These are just a few of the interesting questions and answers and astounding answers from Apple’s Smart Assistant. Siri has tried to give the best answers to all of these questions, such as a knowledgeable and witty person, although he may sometimes have difficulty answering some questions. Certainly all Apple users have the experience of asking weird Siri questions at least once.

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