Find the WordPress Template Name in a few different ways

You may have happened many times to visit a beautiful WordPress site and liked the beautiful face of that site and looking for a way to find the wordpress template name.

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to recognize a WordPress template in a number of different ways so that you can identify the template for the site if needed and provide it.

Ways to Find a WordPress Theme Name

1- In the first method, using an online tool, we will easily search the site and then we will get the wordpress template name of the site, just go to the following site and enter the site address into the box and Then click the LOOK UP button.

isitwp - Find the wordpress template name

At this point in time, the online tool will show you all the plugins and WordPress templates used,

according to its database, which is recommended for those who are not familiar with the technical aspects of WordPress.

Using the manual method, in this case if you are a little familiar with WordPress structure you know what to look for. You can do a good search by searching the site homepage source code and getting the information you need. Get it.

source code - Find the wordpress template name

After viewing the page source by pressing the ctrl + f5 button, look for themes / then in the line you see you can see the current WordPress template name after themes / which is the template directory.

3. In the third method, as in the second method in the source code we were looking for the template name.

In this method look for the css file and open it in your browser url, this file will show you the information. Typically, template designers insert signatures and template information into this file after coding that you can use to find the wordpress template name.

style - Find the name of the WordPress template

Note that all of these methods use the information available to analyze and identify a site’s name. If the designer or webmaster wants to hide the original name of a template for personal reasons

or to increase the security of WordPress, it can be easily changed. The name of the template directory or the information in the template files do this.

In cases where you were unable to get a site template name,

you can achieve your goal through more accurate searches within the site’s internal files,

most WordPress sites use ready-made templates that have been simply improved by the developer

and partially modified by the site administrator.

And if you’ve worked with WordPress and its popular templates,

you can easily guess its name with a single glance.

How helpful was the training for you?

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