Find out the best and hottest wearable devices of 2019

From audible devices like Apple’s Powerbeats Pro to ThirdEye’s X2 Augmented Reality Glasses, it should be acknowledged that the hottest wearable of 2019 include a range of applications and methods that show how technology can be added to humans. You read 9 of the hottest wearable devices in 2019.

2019 was a great year for wearables . The number of devices marketed reached a new record in the third quarter of 2019 . As IDC reports, sales of wearables rose by a stunning 94.6 percent to 84.5 million worldwide.

The explosion in the wearables market is largely due to the unprecedented popularity of hearing aids like the Apple AirPad. This new category of wearable technology accounts for half of the market in the third quarter of last year. After that, bracelets and smart watches are second and third.

Here are 9 of the hottest wearables of 2019 from Apple’s Powerbeats Pro to ThirdEye X2 Augmented Reality Glasses.

The best and hottest wearable devices of 2019

1- Apple Powerbeats Pro

Apple Powerbeats Pro

The Apple Powerbeats Pro wearable made by Apple’s Bates brand is a high-end pair of airbags that deliver power and sound to the user. In terms of voice assistant, the headphones are integrated with Apple Siri and the user can say “Hey Siri” to activate this voice assistant without having to touch his iPhone. The airbags automatically detect coming out of the ear and stop playing music until they get back into the ear. The retail price of this wearable is $ 249.95.

2- Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5

The latest smart watch Apple introduced is the Apple Watch Series 5. In this model, optimizations are made over the previous generation, such as the introduction of the ever-bright Retina capability without draining the battery. Other features include a compass for better navigation, an international SOS for emergencies, and the use of ceramics and titanium for a more elegant design. This wearable is available for $ 399.

3- Elvie Pump

Elvie Pump

Wearable Elvie Pump is the first silent wearable pump with no pipes or wires. This machine is made up of 5 parts and assembly and cleaning is very simple. The retail price of this wearable device is $ 279.

4- Form Swim Goggles

Form Swim Goggles

The Form Swim Goggles wearable comes with an augmented reality display that provides swimmers different metrics. In addition, Form has recently launched a collaboration with Polar, which manufactures these glasses, and monitors the heart rate of the swimmer’s OH1 and + OH1 monitors by connecting to the strap. Form Swim Goggles glasses are priced at $ 199 with Bluetooth connectivity and 16 hours of battery life.

5- Fitbit Inspire HR

Fitbit Inspire HR

Fitbit’s Inspire HR wearable is a fitness tracker that constantly monitors heart rate to help users maximize their workout sessions, identify sleep patterns, and track calorie burning. This waterproof device can also monitor hearing, walking, running and cycling. The Fitbit Inspire HR is priced at $ 100.

6- Matrix PowerWatch 2

Matrix PowerWatch 2

The new Matrix Industries smartwatch is a PoweWatch 2 model that uses solar cells and human heat to charge it. This means you do not need to plug it into the power supply. Compared to its predecessor, the new color display adds GPS connectivity as well as a heart rate monitor. It’s priced at $ 499.

7- Nubia Alpha

Nubia Alpha

The Nubia Alpha smart watch has a flexible 4-inch folding OLED display that wraps around the wrist. Users can control the watch’s operating system by waving their hands to the operating system. Fitness and health monitoring, Bluetooth calling and SMS instant reminders are another $ 299.

8- Stryd


The Stryd is a wearable design to help runners optimize their pressure levels using a variety of sensors built-in for movement, temperature and humidity. The wearable wraps around the runner’s shoes and can detect the winds that hit the front or back and provide a feedback to the runner. Other features of the Stryd include speed tracking, running and fatigue. This wearable is available for $ 219.

9- ThirdEye X2 Smart Glasses

ThirdEye X2 Smart Glasses

ThirdEye calls the X2 the world’s smallest integrated reality glasses. This title is due to its small size, lightness and its slim display. It has a 42-degree viewing angle and features an HD display with a resolution of 1280×720. Other features include CPU / GPU with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. X2 smart glasses are available for $ 1950.

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