How to Enhance the performance and durability of your laptop battery in Windows – A Practical Guide

If you want to increase the battery life of your laptop without much trouble, it’s best to enable the battery saver mode in Windows 10.

Windows automatically activates this feature when the battery is lowered by up to 20%, but you can activate it manually whenever you like.

So if you know you do not have access to electricity for a while, you can use it at the beginning of a long day.

Increase Laptop Battery Life

The multitasking battery saver mode automatically runs, which includes reducing background activity and reducing screen light to increase battery life.

To activate the battery storage mode, click the battery icon in the notification area and slide the Power mode to the “Best battery life” point to the left.

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It is also possible to customize this mode when it’s automatically enabled. To do this, go to Settings> System> Battery and customize the settings shown in the image below.

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Reduced display brightness

The biggest battery drain factor on any modern portable electronic device, whether it’s a laptop or a smartphone or tablet, is its display. The page brightness reduction is a simple way to increase battery life.

On a regular laptop, you need to press the buttons on the keyboard to lower the brightness of the display.

Note that on some laptop models, the Fn button should be simultaneously pressed with the dimming buttons. The longer the brightness level is, the longer you can use the battery.

In Windows 10, you can open the Action Center and adjust the display brightness by clicking the notification icon in the Taskbar and then clicking on the brightness icon.

You can also go to Settings> System> Display and set the brightness slider on this page.

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In Windows 7, you can open the Windows Mobility Center by pressing the Windows + X keys and use it to quickly set the brightness.

Finding apps that have the most battery life

Windows 10 has made it possible to see which apps have the most battery life.

This is done by measuring the amount of application use of the CPU over time and then listing the applications that have the most usage on this basis.

It should be noted that this feature was unique to Windows 10 and was not possible in Windows 7.

To access this list, go to Settings> System> Battery> Battery Usage By App. This page shows you the apps that have the most battery life.

The apps on top of this list are not necessarily bad apps, because in most cases, the apps you use most will be able to get more power from the battery.

However, by reviewing the list and seeing some unusual uses, you might conclude that it’s best to use less-used apps with less power, or to use background apps that even consume too much when not in use. , Close.

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For example, the Microsoft Edge Web Browser is lighter than Chrome or Firefox.

So you might want to use it instead of the two. But if you spend a lot of time in a web browser, browser selection will not have much impact on battery life, and will depend heavily on the use of the app.

Screen mute and go fast

Since the display consumes the most power, it’s important to keep it unnecessarily clear.

You can configure your laptop so you can sleep faster, or turn off at least the screen to save battery life when you’re not actively using it.

Of course, if you use the laptop in the most active mode at most times, or if you put the laptop in sleep state right after the completion of the task, this configuration does not help much, but anyway, you can be sure that your laptop is turned on. In the long run, it does not waste the battery.

To change this setting in Windows 10, go to Settings> System> Power & sleep.

On this page, you can set Windows when to turn off the laptop display and when to go to sleep.

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In Windows 7, go to Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Power Options, and change the Turn off the display and Put the computer to sleep options.

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Disable Bluetooth and other hardware devices

Hardware pieces that you do not use can also waste battery power irresponsibly. For example, if you never use Bluetooth accessories with your laptop, you can turn off Bluetooth hardware to save battery power.

Of course, if you’re using these devices, turning on or off Bluetooth hardware often does not help save battery life, because these parts are much more efficient on modern laptops.

To turn off Bluetooth on Windows 10, go to Settings> Devices> Bluetooth & other devices and set the Bluetooth option to Off.

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In Windows 7, look for a hotkey or option provided by the laptop manufacturer. There’s no easy way to disable Bluetooth in Windows 7.

You may also want to turn off Wi-Fi if you are working offline, and you do not have Internet access. If you do not already need any wireless connection, you can enable Airplane Mode on Windows 10 so both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are disconnected.

The aircraft mode is located in the Action Center section and is activated by clicking the notification area on the taskbar.

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Microsoft recommends that you remove hardware pieces that you do not use from your laptop. For example, even a wireless mouse or USB flash drive that is connected to a computer will also charge some of the battery.

Review of Power Plan

In Windows 7, you can save energy by choosing Power Plan or Power Saver from Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Power Options.

This does not have to work on Windows 10 because it can be used instead of Battery Saver.

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To change advanced power options, you can click Change plans settings> Change advanced power settings.

You can change the settings of the Power Options window that you see in this window, even the settings to disable the hard drive are also available.

Also, in this section, you can tell the laptop to reduce its operating frequency when overclocking the temperature of the processor instead of running the cooling fan. Both of these options save battery power.

Anyway, when you choose Power Saver mode, the default settings will usually be appropriate, but you can also consider tighter settings if needed.

These options are also available on Windows 10 and allow you to manipulate low-level settings. To do this, go to the following in Windows 10:

Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options > Change plan settings > Change advanced power settings

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Run Windows Troubleshooter

Windows 7, 8, and 10 have a diagnostic tool that scans the system for undesirable battery drain and fixes existing bugs to auto sound.

For example, this tool automatically reduces the dimming of screen brightness or disables the unnecessary screensaver (if it’s active).

To run the troubleshooting tool listed in Windows 10, go to Settings> System & Security> Troubleshoot> Power.

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In Windows 7, open the control panel and enter the phrase in the search box in the top-to-top section, and then click Troubleshooting> View All> Power.

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Windows looks for common problems and fixes them automatically. This is a quick way to ensure optimum settings for the laptop without having to deal with various options.

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Reduce the load generated by the software

To save power on your computer, you should work less than normal. For example, you can do the following:

Do not use screensavers. There is no need to use a screensaver on modern displays, and there is no other useful function other than battery drain, so if the monitor turns off, it can save a lot of battery power.

Run fewer apps in the background. Check the system’s tray section and clear or disable programs that you do not need to not automatically start the system at startup.

Reduce CPU usage. If you use heavy programs that cause the processor to work continuously, the CPU will need more power and the battery will be empty more quickly.

Lowering apps in the background can help fix this because we can choose lighter programs that deal with the slicker system resources.

Do not fill out RAM. If the RAM system needs more memory insecure, your computer will transfer data that is not in the RAM to the “file” of the page, which is located on the hard drive or the system’s SSD memory.

This can lead to battery drain. Of course, this issue is not a big problem in modern computers with high RAM.

If your laptop’s RAM is full, try fixing this problem by closing programs running in the background or even upgrading the amount of RAM.

The less the system performs, the more power it saves. You can see more information about using the CPU and RAM in the Task Manager software.

 It may also be helpful to read this article to find apps that use system resources too much:

Identify programs with high battery consumption in Windows 10 – User Guide

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Hibernate instead of Sleep

When the laptop goes into sleep mode, it uses a small amount of battery power to power RAM to stay in the system while it’s loaded. So when we re-enable the system, we will resume work quickly.

When the laptop is Hibernate, the entire system mode is written to the disk and turns off and uses almost no power.

If you do not plan to use your system within the next few hours, place it in Hibernate mode to save more battery power.

 Sleep mode consumes a lot of power, but Hibernate does not take up much power.

The Hibernate option is disabled by default in Windows 10, so you need to activate it again so that you can Hibernate directly from the Power menu.

However, even if you do not enable this option, Windows will automatically shutdown the system from Sleep to Hibernate after a while.

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But if you want to leave your laptop for a few minutes, it’s best to use Sleep instead of Hibernate.

Because when you hibernate the system, the computer consumes a lot of power to store its state on disk and then retrieves it from the disk.

Therefore, the system hibernate, except when you do not want to use it for more than a few hours, will be meaningless.

Ending speech

All the batteries are gradually losing their capacity over time, so whatever you do, the battery life of your laptop will gradually be reduced. But there are ways to keep the battery as healthy as possible.

For example, try never to let the laptop battery drop by 0%, and recharge the battery before it reaches that point.

In the long run, keeping the battery cool will also reduce the heat-induced burnout. Heat is the biggest enemy of the battery.

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