Top 10 Free English Language Learning Sites

Learning English online, depending on the correct selection of resources, is one of the easiest and most reliable language teaching methods.

English-language sites provide free English language education, including comprehensive and comprehensive English language learning resources.

These sites are divided into segments and segments for individuals with different levels of ability. In this article, there are 10 examples of the best English-language sites that work for free English language education.

Best Free English Language Learning Sites

One of the good ways to learn English is to use sites that teach English. Some of these sites provide tutorials for free to users. In this article, we introduce 10 examples of free English language learning sites.

Barriers to learning English

In the superficial comparison between past and present, the growing importance of English is not covered by anyone. Whether it’s for a student who wants to get a good grade in a general language course, whether for a person who plans to improve his or her professional skills by improving his or her general skills, and … knowledge of English is of great importance.

On the other hand, with regard to the costs and costs of living, most English speakers do not have the conditions for enrolling in school or private classes. So, for these types of enthusiasts, there are many benefits to free or semi-free and non-existent methods. These people are fans of free English language learning sites.

The internet is always a cheap and affordable resource. Internet searches show that the keyword “Free English Language Learning” and “Online English Language Learning” are highly rated.
The two keywords confirm the lack of time and resources from the learners. For these reasons, the sites offering free English language training are highly visited.

Prerequisites for using English-language learning sites

As you study, the purpose of this article is to introduce English-language sites that work towards free English language education.

Obviously, the content and content of the sites are presented in English. Therefore, users of the site, referring to their age, current level and need, are referring to the site and related links.

The question posed here is:

How can an English-speaking site use educational materials to be taught at an early stage of English language learning and not enough knowledge of English?

The answer to this question is based on the features of the English language learning site. English-language learning sites have different categorization according to the age and level of knowledge of individuals.

Among sites offering free English language training, you can find sites that offer age-related training; some sites differentiate the training according to the level of knowledge of individuals in English.
By studying the text, you can find useful information on identifying and selecting source sites.

Choose the best free language learning site

Given the high number of sites offering free English language education, it is important to know the characteristics of each, the services they provide, the level of training they provide, the focus of training on quadruple skills, and so on.

Some free English language training sites offer advanced level education such as TOEFL and IELTS. It is clear that the language learner who takes the initial steps for learning English is not able to use the correct site correctly. Obviously, here, the problem is the right choice of the source of the study, not the performance of the destination site.

The sites offering free English language education are based on the level of education they provide.

The first category provides sites that provide separate training for different levels: these sites have separate sections that each group of learners can, according to their knowledge and needs of English, study the contents of the site from the section on their needs. To begin.

The second set of sites that provide trainings for a specific category of volunteers and learners: these sites are suitable for a specific group of learners. For example, a site that provides service and training for a particular test.

Students and volunteers of English language tests can choose the best and most suitable site according to their needs by knowing each site and its educational services.

In the following, we introduce 10 examples of the best free language learning provider sites.

On the Internet, there are a lot of different English language courses. Some of these sites offer free tutorials.
You can use these sites as a comprehensive, complete or complementary educational resource, along with your other tutorials.

 In the next section, you can know 10 of the best free English language learning sites;

1- Babble

آموزش رایگان زبان انگلیسی-1

Babble is one of the free English language learning sites. Of course, other languages ​​such as German and Spanish are also taught here.

The key features of this site are focusing on speaking skills by providing practical exercises. If you plan to travel abroad, this site will be very useful to you.



This site is one of the free English language learning sites around the world and does not have any advertising. The way to teach this site is in the form of a game and puzzle, and this special feature of this site is that the content of the curriculum is entertaining to the learners.

آموزش رایگان زبان انگلیسی-2

An important feature of this site is its emphasis on pronunciation and accent. The features of this site are that you can see your progress on mobile and the Internet.

In addition, you can compare your progress with your friends. You can also share your questions. The negative features of this site are limited vocabulary.

3- Phrasemix


آموزش رایگان زبان انگلیسی-3

The Phrasemix site is another free English language training site. The tutorials on this site are very similar to everyday conversations.

This site is useful for people who want to learn everyday conversations in real life and in English-speaking countries.

4-British council


آموزش رایگان زبان انگلیسی-4

British Council is another free English language teaching site that provides education at three levels for children, adolescents and adults.

The training of this site comes with fun and entertainment, and after each step, a workout is considered for you.

On this site, there are sections for teaching English business, grammar, vocabulary, IELTS exam preparation and a recreational section. In the entertainment section, games and exercises are designed to enhance English language.

5- Easy world of English


آموزش رایگان زبان انگلیسی-5

The easy world of English website, one of the free English language learning websites, is easy to use. This site has an attractive and visual dictionary.

6- Cdlponline

آموزش رایگان زبان انگلیسی-6

Cdlponline is a free language learning provider site using audio files.

On this site, there are various general themes such as music, nature, humor, and at the end of each lesson, there are exercises to ensure your learning.

7- English Grammar


آموزش رایگان زبان انگلیسی-7

The English grammar website, an English-language tutor in grammar, comes with online services.
On this site, in addition to teaching grammar rules, various topics, exercises and online tests are also provide.

8- Best essay education


آموزش رایگان زبان انگلیسی-8

The best essay education site is one of the best free English language teaching sites with an emphasis on writing skills, especially for students.

9- Learn English Online

آموزش رایگان زبان انگلیسی-9

One of the best and most complete free language learning sites on the site is learn english online.
This site provides comprehensive training in the fields of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and …

10- Exam english


آموزش رایگان زبان انگلیسی-10

The English exams site is one of the most comprehensive sites for preparing international English language tests. On this site, you can see the IELTS, TOEFL, CAMBRIDGE, and so on.

On this site you can get the complete information about each test. Information such as the complete introduction of the test, the official representative of the test organizer in each country, and the sample test questions is provide.


As you know, some English language learning sites offer online or offline voice control, or simulated TOEFL and IELTS tests, so you need to always have a microphone or headset when studying these sites.

Before you start studying educational sites, install a proper dictionary on your computer.
Do not neglect the exercises provided at the end of each section of the course. These exercises measure your ability and ability to learn. Some online tutorials provide you with the necessary level of training.

Do not overlook the support of the site and the chat room with other users. Site support or accountability section will answer your questions while learning English. The chat rooms with other users will allow you to compare your level of abilities and progress with each other.



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