What is a domain park and what does it use? What is the difference between Domain Park and Redirects?

Have you ever seen the domain name or domain name (Domain Alias) in your hosting service or when buying a website?

Perhaps you did not get acquainted with this title,

and this question has come to your mind what the domain of the park is and what does it use? In this article, we will become more familiar with the concept of Domain Park and its applications.

پارک دامنه

What is Domain Park?

Hosting servers provide different side features on their defined plans. One of these features that has definitely come to your ears is the domain park or the same Alias ​​domain.

This feature is a good way to introduce your website in addition to the main domain through other domains.

For example, your domain is X.COM and your site will be uploaded if users also enter X.IR or X.NET domains in the browser. With this action,

your site will still be visible if the user enters the domain name of the site’s original domain name in the replacement domain browser.

What are domain camping sites?

By defining the successor domain in the hosting service, you can expand your business introduction not only with a domain but also with many domains in the digital world. The successor domain has no difference from the original site, and its only address is different, and exactly displays the contents of the original site.

In this way, you can register all the addresses related to your business, the company’s products and company name in Persian and English, and use different domains to view your website.

By defining the subdomain, along with displaying the contents of the main site through different addresses, you can create email addresses under that domain. Just create new addresses with subdomain in the Create Email section of your hosting control panel.

But ultimately, the recipient of the email is the main domain box and will only display the sender and recipient domain name that is different and appropriate to the Domain Park address.

Not only does this make your site more accessible to the Internet, it also brings about the exclusivity of your brand and brand. By doing this, and registering all extensions of your domain, you will also prevent the exploitation of individuals.

As has been seen, brand recognition may have its other extensions recorded by other people and use its reputation for the benefit of the brand.

This will prevent you from registering all extensions of your business domain and brand,

and taking a major step in digital advertising.

Why define domain substitutions?

By defining the surrogate domain, you increase the likelihood of finding your own website on the Internet,

and you will be able to see each domain with different extensions on your site’s homepage.

Domain Park Features:

It is defined in the host that hosts the main domain.
You can use an unlimited number of domain parks for your website.
Domain Park DNSs are identical with the main domain.
You can specify email addresses under the main domain and its domain park.

Domain Park and Redirects Difference:

When entering an alternate domain address, the exact contents of the main site will be displayed and will be displayed in the alternate domain name browser. In contrast, in redirecting a domain, the main address of the site is only used from the symbolic address to view the content, and in the main domain domain browser Is visible.

Difference park domain and subdomain

Domain Park is an independent address that can be registered with any extension and has its own DNS Zone.

Subdomain, however, is in fact a prefix of the main domain and is completely dependent on the domains,

and in most cases it shows off the content of the site’s original information.

The subdomain does not have a separate DNS zone,

and a new record with its IP server will be create in the DNS Zone domain.

Register other domains along with the main site’s address

Now, knowing the concepts of Domain Park and its features,

before registering an overview domain on the same domain you do the same as the main site of your site,

or at the start of your online business, and you also think of domain domain registration.

Be sure to consider the same extensions when registering your domain’s main domain and,

as far as possible, record your most advanced business name and affiliates,

and take the firm, firm, and confident step by step.


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