Describing the General Principles of Data Recovery and Introducing the top Softwares in this Field – Part 1

Data recovery means recovering inaccessible information from any storage media. In this article, we will explain the general principles and introduction of top data recovery software.

Losing important business or family data is the most catastrophic event that can happen to users of smart devices, computers, or storage media owners.

This may be due to technical hard disk failures, data damage, software bugs, accidental deletion of a file, viral attacks, hacking and even power fluctuations.
There are, of course, more severe factors, such as a plane crash.

In this case, the complete and successful recovery of the almost completely destroyed black box data looks amazing. Only a handful of data recovery professionals do this.

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If you are one of these users, you will definitely be concerned about data retrieval. If you want to know how it works,

 You’re efficient and cost effective in recovering information and want to know the best software in this area, accompany the zoom.

In this article, we will first outline the general principles of data recovery, and then introduce the best software in this area to illustrate their strengths and weaknesses for both Windows 7 and Mac OS.

If part of the data on the hard drive, solid state drive, USB storage, RAID or other storage media is lost,

You can recover lost data by referring to specialists or purchasing data recovery software. The concept of simple recovery is to save and repair lost data.

Of course, data recovery will not always be possible; sometimes a computer system can be overly corrupted or damaged to recover data.

However, data recovery technology has advanced dramatically in the modern era. For example, Kroll Ontrack,

An Australian data recovery company was able to retrieve 2 percent of data from a hard drive inside the Challenger spacecraft, which exploded and collapsed several seconds after launch.
This hard drive was pulled out of the ocean.

Data Recovery

In computer science, data recovery through the process of recovering inaccessible, lost, faulty, damaged data

Or formatted from a secondary storage drive, removable storage media, or a file, in the absence of normal access to the data stored there.

Data in most cases from storage media such as internal or external hard drive (HDD), solid state drive (SSD),

USB flash drives, magnetic tapes, CDs, DVDs, RAID subsystems and other electronic devices with memory are retrieved.

Data recovery may be required due to physical damage to storage devices or logical damage to the file system that prevents OS installation.

برترین نرم افزار بازیابی اطلاعات

The most common data recovery scenario involves malfunctioning operating systems,

technical and logical failures of storage devices, deletions or accidental damage.

Usually in a single drive, partition, and operating system,

the ultimate goal is simply to copy all the important files from the damaged storage media to a new drive.

This can be done easily with a live (bootable) CD.

The tool is a device for installing system drive,

backup drives or removable media and is used to transfer files from the system drive to the backup media with a file management or optical disc burner software.

Often, data loss can be mitigated by partitioning the disk and storing (or copying) valuable data files into a partition different from operating system replaceable files.

Other scenarios include drive-level crashes such as a file system crash and a faulty drive partition or technical hard drive malfunction.

In either case, data is not simply read from media devices. Depending on the location,

solutions include logical file system repair, partition table or master record boot,

Updating firmware (Formor) or applying drive recovery techniques,

including software-based faulty data recovery, is the recovery of hardware and software-based service areas (Format Hard Disk).

In the third scenario, the files are accidentally deleted from the storage media by the user himself.

Normally, the contents of the deleted files will not be immediately removed from the physical storage drive;


simply the references to them are removed in the directory structure and then the space occupied by the deleted data is available to overwrite the subsequent data.

In this case,

if the user acts quickly, he will have the opportunity to retrieve the information. Professional users are aware that deleted files cannot be found through standard file management tools

But the deleted data is still technically on the physical drive. In the meantime, the contents of the original file often remain intact in a number of fragments

 And they may be recoverable if not overwritten by other data.

برترین نرم افزار بازیابی اطلاعات

If you delete a file you can use data recovery software like TestDisk.

Using sophisticated algorithms, the software checks for files that are physically stored, and estimates their location.

If the TestDisk software estimates are correct, lost files can be recovered; otherwise, they cannot be recovered. TestDisk software is DOS-based and requires further study in data recovery.

However, doing anything on the computer can overwrite the file and lose the data permanently.

Even browsing the Internet because of cookies or cache files stored in the same location on the hard drive can overwrite them and destroy the hope of recovering data forever.

Installing data recovery software can do the same. If the missing file is not overwritten, the chances of recovering it will vary by file system format.

For example, Windows NTFS file system retains all file description information after it is deleted; this makes it relatively easy to find lost files for data recovery software.

Other file systems, such as UTF and FAT, destroy more information about the deleted file,

making it harder to estimate file location by hard disk recovery algorithms.

The term “data recovery” also refers to the recovery of encrypted

or hidden data in the field of forensic or spyware.

Sometimes the data on a computer can be encrypted or hidden for various reasons,

such as preventing viral attacks, that can only be recovered by some computer forensics.

The method used to retrieve lost information depends on how the information is lost. Below you can find out about the most common things that cause data loss.

Physical Hard Disk Damage

Recovering a deleted or formatted file and recovering a file from a physical hard drive are two completely separate issues.

Although it may not require much technical knowledge to install and run data recovery software, repairing a physically damaged hard drive will certainly require professional expertise;

Because, to do this, different parts of it have to be separated.

A wide range of failures may be due to physical damage to the storage media that can occur as a result of human errors and natural disasters. For example, the metal or colored layer of CDs may be damaged.

Also, a hard drive can suffer from several different mechanical failures such as head breakage and engine failure. Magnetic strips that can be easily broken and torn.

Physical damage to a hard drive, even when the head is broken, does not necessarily mean the eternal loss of data and information.

Techniques adopted by professional information recovery companies typically make it possible to retrieve all or much of the information that was lost when physical injury occurred.

There are exceptions to this, however, and if the hard disk plotters are severely damaged, the likelihood of data recovery will be close to zero.

However, if the hard drive is repairable and can be fully resized or created as a clone, the logical file structure will often be rebuilt.

It is extremely difficult to remove a hard drive without damaging it. Most physical injuries cannot even be repaired by professional users.

For example, a hard drive autopsy in a normal environment can cause air dust to sit on the platter and thus fall between the platter and the read head of the write.

Even a tiny bit of dust on the hard drive platter can break or disrupt the read-write head and increase the difficulty of the hard drive.

During normal hard drive operation, data read and write heads are placed at the top of the plotters at a distance of 1 to 2 nm.

The fine dust particles in the air are typically about 4,000 nanometers in diameter. When these particles get stuck between the platter and the writing head, they can break the head again.

As a result, this will cause more damage to the plotter and endanger the data recovery process.

After all, ordinary and even professional users lack the hardware and technical expertise needed to perform a hard drive repair.

For this reason,

reputable data recovery companies often use Class 2 clean rooms free of dust and electricity to successfully retrieve important user data.

Static electricity can also damage the storage drive; therefore, clean the hard drive room,

The equipment and clothing used by technical experts are specially designed to minimize static electricity.

These rooms, also known as the Clean Room,

have an extremely controlled environment and virtually no environmental contaminants.

Various factors, such as breaking the PCB board or writing head read,

can cause physical damage to the hard drive and its technical defects.

Sometimes it can be resolved by replacing the broken part of the hard drive,

but generally if the hard drive is physically damaged, repairing it requires professional experts and thoroughly skilled work.

برترین نرم افزار بازیابی اطلاعات

If you make your hard drive available to data recovery professionals, they will perform a number of steps, including rebuilding hard disk parts to create disk images and repair damaged parts using advanced software.

The cost of rebuilding, dedicated imaging technologies, and clean room maintenance are factors that increase the cost of data recovery by professionals.

However, some data recovery providers are now offering customers more affordable rates.

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