The most dangerous and insecure countries in the world in 2018

Recently, the list of the most dangerous and insecure countries in the world has recently been updated in 2018, and in this update see ratings from different countries.

According to the World Peace Report (GPI), world peace has fallen by 0.27% from last year. 2018 is actually the twelfth year for which statistics are being releases and 163 countries have been survey.

In fact, the ranking of countries is based on the security and peacefulness of countries. As a result, dangerous and insecure countries have lower privileges, and mainly include countries in war.

These rankings and statistics are based on 23 indicators surveyed, and these 23 indicators include individual security, community security, internal conflicts, international conflicts, and the size of the combat and military forces.

 In total,

92 countries are consider to be the most dangerous countries in the world, while 71 other countries have better security, and these statistics are in a very bad situation.

In fact, the security of the world and the nations has been decreasing every day, and human life is more and more in danger today.

ناامن‌ترین کشورهای جهان

In these ratings, Syria is know as the most dangerous point and country in the world. The fact, Syria has been the most dangerous country for three consecutive years and has made the country’s civil war the most insecure.


Afghanistan, South Sudan, Iraq, and Somalia can be noted as the most dangerous and insecure countries in the world. At the bottom of the list, we also see the countries that have already been described as the most peaceful countries in the world.

Indeed, the most dangerous and insecure country in the world is Syria and the safest country in the world. Iceland has been recognized as the safest and most peaceful country in the world since 2008,

and has maintained its security since then.

After Iceland, New Zealand, Austria, Portugal and Denmark have also been introduce as world peace-loving nations.


based on the past 10 years, Europe has become the world’s most peaceful and secure global geographic region,

although it has generally decreased globally throughout the world.

North America is still more insecure than ever before,

and on the other hand, the Middle East and Africa are at great risk.

Of course,

it is worth noting that Iran is rank among the 33 most dangerous countries in the world and is among the most insecure countries in the world.

A complete list of countries ranking in terms of security

In the following, we will give you a table of the full ranking of these countries,

in which countries are introduce from the most dangerous to the safest.

ناامن‌ترین کشورهای جهان


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