How to use the correct tag or label in WordPress / Learn to remove indexed pages in Google with Remove URLs

What is a tag or tag and what is the difference with the category?

Tags are sometimes confused with the categories, label and URLs, although both of them do something like that and keep the content of our site different, but they are different.

In general, let’s say, the category has a lot of common themes related to the tags in WordPress, and they are usually in the main menu of the site, but tags are made to the more detailed ones, which are much more numerous than the categories. LT is.

For example, a WordPress tutorial site like the Portuguese site, SEO training, user interface training, is often considered to be the main category of the site, but a topic such as non-template tutorials should be handled using tag tags. Sort and sort.

When should labels be used?

Labels should generally be used when you intend to have a series of similar articles that do not fit into the main categories of your site, but can be categorized into a specific section.

In this case, you create a category and add all the related items to this category. This has two advantages:

Your site’s users do not mislead in finding similar content on your site and can find similar content in a certain place.

You can define the keyword and meta description for these pages, like all the other pages on your site, and even get a look at these pages on Google.

Using more tags than destroying your site has nothing to do!

A very important point in using a tag or tag in WordPress is that you overwhelm the tags of your site!

You should already have a scene similar to the image below to download music or software download sites or free sites!

Image result for label in WordPress

As you can see in the screenshot above, this site uses a lot of tags to download this popular country singer’s music, many of which are extra tags and only cause some additional pages to appear on our site that are not worth the indexing. .

Basically, when we need to use a tag or tag in WordPress, we’re going to use that tag later.

With each tag you place on your site, a page will be created on your site that will display all the content that it has tagged.

As we mentioned in previous tutorials, Google likes to index pages that are useful and have a high value for the user.

But by creating a lot of labels, which are usually only used once, they create low-value pages that are not good at SEO.


Tag or Tag Management in WordPress

Image result for label in WordPress

For WordPress to have a better management of the tags and tags you have created so far,

just like the image you see on the left, just select the tags below the posts section.

In this section, you will see all the tags you have used so far,

plus the number of times you use these tags.

Also, if you want to add a tag or a tag to your site,

here you can add this tag by entering its name and address,

then manage it and add the pages associated with this tag.

The suggestion of the orange team is that the tags you see are only used once

and you will not be able to use them later without deleting it! These tags do not matter.

Let’s do something else that you want to do:

make sure you have a keyword and meta description for labels that are high value and have several things,

and do some SEO work so you can get the same on these pages. Get google

How to remove indexed tags in Google?

Image result for How to remove indexed tags in Google?

If you have already posted a lot of stickers on your site, this cartoon section is a bit harder! Because the only way is to delete each of these tags and then redirect to labels or related pages.

The routine of doing this is that first by looking at the tag management page as explained above,

you will review the tags used on your site

and if you see that you’ve only used this tag or label at Verpstress,

and you have a plan to use this You do not have tags in the future, you can remove them.

After deleting these tags,

it is suggested that you redirect the URL or URL of these tags to linked pages or related tags.

The last thing we do is ask Google to remove these pages from the search results. To do this,

log in to the Google Webmaster and download the Google Index section and then Remove URLs,

enter the URLs of these pages and request that these pages be deleted from Google search results.



All in all, for the best use of tags and tags in WordPress,

you need to just label a series of important phrases and words and try to find where you can find phrases

that your label page has several tabs that somehow Interconnected.

One of the most practical tools Google Console provides to webmasters and business owners is the ability to remove URLs from Google or remove indexes from your site on Google.

Working with this tool is very simple and to remove your site pages in Google, you just need to have already registered your website in Google Webmaster.


Why should not pages indexed by Google be indexed?

Before we can explain how to remove pages indexed in Google, we’d like to ask why we should remove our site pages from Google and let Google not index them.

As we said before, Google tends to offer pages to its audience that are of high value so that those who have quoted a phrase on Google get what they want and get their information.

But pages that do not have a high index value are generally not in this category, and will never be tagged on Google’s first pages.

So, first of all,

you have to try to avoid indexing the pages of the site using the Add Tag Tag.

But if your pages have already been indexed on Google and are on Google’s search pages,

to remove indexed links there is no way to delete URLs from these pages to Google.

Of course, to prevent indexing pages, you can also use the robots.txt file, which, of course, we do not offer, because this file is used for much more general cases.

How to remove indexed pages in Google

To remove indexed links on Google, visit the Google Toolbar and then go to the bottom of the page by clicking Go to the old version on the old version of this Google Tool because the new version of Google Webmasters can still be deleted. There are no indexed urls.

After doing this, see the image below by opening the Google Index on the Remove URLs.

درخواست حذف url صفحات ایندکس شده در گوگل

This section, as its name implies, will erase your pages temporarily and for only 90 days from Google’s pages.

Of course, at the bottom of this tutorial, we’ll explain how to avoid indexing these pages forever.

In the Remove URLs section, click on Temporarily hide and enter the full address of the page you want to clear from Google, and then select Continue to enter the following page.

حذف url در گوگل

On this page you will have 3 options to remove url from Google.

Remove page from search results and cache:

By choosing this option, the page you want to completely and temporarily remove from Google results

will tell Google that this page is not worth the index

and for Google’s audience also It will not be useful.

Remove page from cache only: Selecting this option will not delete the page you want from Google,

this option will only remove the index information of these pages and Google will re-review the page.

The Remove page from cache only option is used when you update the page information

you have generally updated and apply a lot of changes to this page.

Remove directory:

This option will not only delete the page you entered,

but also all pages whose URLs start with the address you entered.

All of the options mentioned above will temporarily delete your pages in Google and after 90 days,

these pages will be indexed again if they still exist on your site.

To avoid re-indexing these pages, you need to add the No follow tag to your desired page.

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