Complete training in writing formulas in Excel software 2010-2016 (video)

In the continuation of Excel application tutorials, here we fully teach you how to write formulas in Excel 2010-2016 software.

 In fact, one of the most powerful features in Excel 2010 to 2016 software is the ability to calculate practical information using formulas. 

Like a calculator, Excel can add, subtract, multiply or divide. In this lesson, we showed that we can use home resources to create a simple formula.

Educational film

If you can learn better through video, learn formula writing in Excel from the following video:

Mathematical operators

Excel uses standard operators on formulas, including the + sign for addition, the – sign for subtraction, the star for multiplication, / for division, and the card for views. It is better to get acquainted with how to  work with cells completely in Excel . And even before that how to set up and get started with Excel software !

Description of Mathematical Operators

1- The sign “+”: plural

2- The sign “-“: subtraction

3- The sign “/”: division

4- The sign “*”: multiplication

5- The sign “^”: power

To write a formula in Excel, the first thing to do is put a “=” in the cell. An equal sign in Excel indicates that you intend to write the formula in the corresponding cell. In addition to the equal sign, positive and negative symbols can also be used but are not recommended. Formula writing in Excel has a structure and elements that we will mention in the following.

  • All Excel formulas must start with an equal sign.
  • The formula written in each Excel cell is only for that cell and has no effect on the content of the other cells.
  • The output of all formulas in Excel is one number and you can not expect to get multiple outputs by writing one formula.
  • Excel gives priority to different operators. For example, the power formula has priority over the multiplication formula in Excel, as well as the division formula in Excel over the addition and subtraction formula.

Download the complete formula writing tutorial in Excel

Since the topic of formulas in Excel is more than a post, we have included a complete PDF tutorial for writing formulas in Excel for free for you to learn better.


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