Change admin directory password via ssh

In this session we will teach you how to change the admin directory via ssh , the admin directory is a free control panel with great features that is extremely lightweight and efficient.

Most Iranian hosting companies prefer to use the admin directory because of the low cost of licenses

and the lack of sanctions.

In the previous session we discussed how to install the admin directory on Linux today,

and we are going to introduce you to how to change the admin directory via ssh. The username is admin admin via Linux commands.

In many cases you have forgotten the admin password

and in some cases you will not be able to login with the admin usernames immediately after installing the admin directory.

You should use the following method to change the admin directory password in ssh.

Steps to change the admin directory via ssh

To change the password in the admin directory you must first connect

to the ssh service via root access via putty software.

putty - Change the admin directory password via ssh

Then, to change the admin directory password from ssh, enter the following command:

In the Linux session, we have provided a detailed tutorial on Linux commands that you can use in this valuable article.

  passwd admin

The function above is to change the password of each user after the passwd comes up,

and if you run the passwd command alone, you are going to change the root user password.

password changed- Change the admin directory password via ssh

After executing the above command you have to enter the new password twice and press Enter every time. You should now show you the message of all authentication tokens updated successfully, indicating that SSH admin password change operations have been successful.

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