Server Security Issues

January 28, 2019

writing this section scares the britches off us, so we want to start with a warning: There are many security measures you can (and should) take when setting up...

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HTTPD Connections to the Internet

NCSA’s HTTPD and CERN’s HTTPD   Both NCSA’s ( HTTPD and CERN’s ( HTTPD are widely available on the Net. They are both very popular and seem to work...

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RS232 serial cables pinout

RS232 serial cable layout Almost nothing in computer interfacing is more confusing than selecting the right RS232 serial cable. Thess pages are intenting to provide information about the most...

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RS232 Specifications and standard

January 23, 2019

 Introduction Communication as defined in the RS232 standard is an asynchronous serial communication method. The word serial means, that the information is sent one bit at a time. Asynchronous...

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