Calling capabilities have been added to your Windows Phone 10 app

The latest update to your Phone app has made it possible for users to make calls through Windows 10. Microsoft had previously provided users with the ability to sync text messages,

notifications and photos from their Android phone with the Windows 8 PC, and now has unveiled a new feature.

Your Phone

Recently, Redmonds announced that they have been providing users the ability to make phone calls through your Windows Phone app. The new calling feature in your Phone app lets users connect directly to your Windows Phone 8 directly from your PC.

This phone call feature is very useful and useful and you just need to install your Phone app from the Windows 8 Store. Of course, if you’ve already installed this program on your PC, don’t forget to update to the latest version. Last but not least, to use this feature on your Android phone you need to have version 7 and newer.

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