Business users say the reasons for buying the new Apple Mac Pro

The Mac Pro comes in a price range that only professional users can buy. Why should they choose Apple instead of other brands?

Apple’s new Mac Pro was introduced some time ago, and its price range has come as a surprise and even criticism to many users and experts. Of course, those users who buy Mac Pro certainly have special needs. In addition, their style of work creates the need to look for such products. Users who need professional machines have also been thinking about buying and even buying it when the new Mac Pro was introduced.

If you are one of those users who need professional computers for their work, you must follow the Mac Pro news. In addition, you probably have read all the articles and reviews, and the dream of buying a new device may already be on your mind. Apple interviewed several users during the design of its new computer. Now and after the final product launch, Apple Insider has also interviewed professional users of the computer world to find out their possible reasons for buying the new Mac Pro. In the following, this article examines the reasons for this category of users.


the category of new Mac customers will be limit and special. Interviews with professionals from the US Department of Defense to photographers and video content editors were kept secret because of the sensitivity of their work. In addition, employees of large companies such as Adobe were also interviewed, making it easier for others to make their views public.

Users working in the field of video content editing were an important audience of the interview. Some of them are now old Mac Pro users. In addition, another bunch of high-end business users fall into the category of potential new Mac Pro customers.

Certainly not everyone interviewed decided to buy the new Mac Pro. Of course, they understood the value of the new product well and talked about the suitability of Mac Pro for their needs. However, two of the interviewees had no plans to purchase an Apple Mac Pro. One of them, of course, said the reason for not buying the new version was the previous version.

Mac Pro 3

Need to buy Mac Pro

An Apple Insider interviewer working on video editing said of Apple’s new product:

Much of my work is dedicate to editing and compressing video. I do these activities at my workplace and need high speed. I need to crop, render, render and render HD videos in the fastest possible time. Video files are generally large in size, and I run several programs at the same time. Finally, I need the maximum processing power possible.

Blake Garner, the architect of Adobe Automation, is another potential buyer of the new MacPro. He has been working in Adobe’s internal engineering department for five years. He finds it very useful to use Mac Pro in servers with the purpose of automating and processing Xcode. In addition, the memory capacity is a good improvement for Garner. Part of the work of Garner and his colleagues is devoted to building virtual machines that require high volumes of RAM alongside Xcode processes.

Editing video content is a common need for business users interested in Mac Pro

One of the interviewed photographers working on a classified and sensitive project selects the aforementioned Adobe products for his work. Asked to disclose his identity, he spoke to Apple Insider about the power of Mac Pro, which will be very useful in his work. He says using the new machine for rendering will not take long. Of course, Adobe’s use of the GPU in Lightroom and Photoshop processing processes has not been effective in speeding up the photographer’s work.

Michael Truffer works in the media content post-production industry. Hoping for software improvements alongside Mac Pro, he says:

The main thing is that Adobe is next to Mac Pro as a major software provider. I hope their software can take advantage of the high volume of power provided by Apple’s product. In my opinion, the Premier Pro software still can’t handle several GPUs while playing and editing video.

We are planning to purchase a new Mac Pro as a replacement for our Mac Pro 7. I was personally looking forward to the new unveiling of Apple and the use of their new product amazes me.

Mac Pro 3

Keith Esbiral is a photographer who also provides IT management and career development activities. In an interview with Apple Insider, he talked about the reasons for buying the new Mac Pro and its applications in business.


which uses Mac computers in all parts of its company, considers them to be the perfect tools for coordinating and executing IT activities. In addition, in terms of spiraling, Apple products have always had more capabilities than they needed. Finally, Spiral finds the use of a super-fast machine attractive in its day-to-day operations.

Photographing and working in the field of video content creates duplicate needs among Apple Insider interviewers. In fact, if they are not specialized in the field of photography and video content, their needs will make them interested in buying extras.

As mention, some of the US Department of Defense staff were also interview. Among their needs for purchasing the new Mac Pro, live image processing and categorization and identification of audio content were top priority.

An important factor called price

Although most Apple Insider interviewers fall into the category of professional users, the price of the new Mac Pro is important to them as well. Almost all users and experts in the tech world have also criticized the high cost of more professional Mac Pro models. However, some who see the Cupertino product as a solution to their needs are not discouraged by the high cost of buying it. For example, one interview photographer claims that it will cost $ 4-6,000 to buy a new computer.

The high price of the new Mac Pro also does not prevent some users from buying it

Garner tells Adobe Price is always important to all companies. He wants to buy a downgraded version of Mac Pro with the lowest GPU and use separate memory and RAM for it. Garner sees the gradual addition of processing power as a viable option that results in the best use of Apple’s PC. Esbiral is also planning to buy the base version and add features over and over.

Some professional users have no plans to buy the new Mac Pro fast. In addition to price, they cite the current functionality of the current Mac Pro as a reason for not buying the Apple product. Jules Rickbush works in the medical product development industry. He says he has to spend $ 4-6,000 to buy a new product. In addition to these costs, accessories must be supplemented to maximize extraction from the Mac Pro. However, Jules also adds a new Mac Pro to his work equipment at the earliest opportunity.

Mac pro apple

life span

Most users who want to buy the new Mac Pro see it as a long-term investment. According to Sibiral, such machines will last for many years, and with features such as screen updates, memory and other components, they will certainly have excellent applications that an iMac or Mac mini could not offer. He describes the shelf life of Mac Pro devices in his business from eight to eight years. After that, the devices will be used for a wide variety of applications and will therefore be very long lasting.

Garner says about the new Mac Pro’s lifespan:

Products such as these have generally been using for five years in major business applications. Subsequently, tasks in lower ranks and importance are assigned to them, which will have a secondary life of two or three years.

Some users interested in buying Mac Pro are now more likely to use iMac for their business. They extend the life of the iMac by three to four years, and expect the new Mac Pro to have a longer life of about two to seven or even five years. In addition, these users expect twice the life of the iMac from Mac Pro. However, the longevity and the same updating capability has prompted many users to buy the new Mac Pro. Rickbush says about his previous experiences with the Mac Pro and updated it:

The ability to upgrade and power is of great importance to me. I’ve had a Mac Pro 3 for a long time. When I decided to replace it, all the drives were full and there were three graphics cards and a maximum of RAM. The new product must have a life span of five to seven years to be financially viable. Of course, if there are better ways to update, you can expect a longer lifespan.

Upgradeable capability

Previous Apple Insider reviews show that few Mac users are actually developing it and are using lateral hardware to optimize performance. On the other hand, interviews with professional users of this article revealed that their development capability is of great importance. In fact, the future development of the Mac Pro is a prospect for them.

Mac pro apple

Buying a base version and updating it in the future is the strategy for most Mac Pro users

Apple’s new Mac Pro design allows users to add accessories. They can add new equipment to a case more easily than before (without the need for Thunderbolt and external equipment). This new application has led many business users to become interested in the new Mac Pro. NVMe storage devices and RAID controllers are among the components they use to upgrade their device.

In contrast to users who consider upgrades to be the primary option, some have no plans to do so, and a Mac Pro will meet all their needs for a long time. Rickbush is in the middle of it. He wants to upgrade it after buying Mac Pro:

In my opinion, this machine is growing steadily. Do we need a terabyte of RAM today? Isn’t it better to upgrade in the future as needs grow? its definitely true. I plan to use upgrades in the future to meet the needs of the time.

Department of Defense staff don’t attach much importance to upgrading to Mac Pro. More important to them is the availability and maintenance of the devices. These users prefer easier access to and maintenance of computer components during difficult installations.

Initial feeling

None of the interviewees in this article were present in the initial Mac Pro reviews. As a result, neither has the experience of using it. Of course, all of them have been following the inauguration of the new product well and have a common sense. For example, Rickbush says he is excited about the launch of the new product, but pricing has surprised him as well. In his view, the new Mac Pro is a great product in technical terms, and the upgradeability makes it more attractive than ever. Of course, some restrictions on the use of update equipment worry him, as do many experts.

Amazed at the unveiling of Apple’s new product, Sibiral says:

In my opinion, a great product was introduce. I’ve never been in the category of Mac Pro critics. I used almost all of the Mac Pro’s 840AV models. I had a Mac Pro 3 and a 2, and I’m counting on buying a version 2. The power, graphics and upgradeability of my new product surprised me.

Mac Pro 3

Old Apple Mac Pro

Garner is a professional carburetor who, despite making sure to buy Apple’s new product, is following the news. In the news, he looks for further details on updates and accessories to make the best choice for Adobe. However, he knows that for professional applications he will definitely need to upgrade:

The Mac Pro Rack definitely needs remote management and access, and I hope Apple or some other company offers its own update patch. One of the main uses of Mac Pro in virtualization for software development is summarized. Apple will definitely need to update the EULA section to allow more than two virtualisations on a physical system on macOS. With the high processing power of Mac Pro, implementing more than 2 virtualization on macOS will be a great added value.

The Afterburner card was one of the new equipment that Apple introduced for the new Mac Pro. Many of the uses of this new piece are probably unclear. Some users expect that Afterburner will be useful for future updates.

Apple’s approach

Everyone in the interview found Apple’s new product to be compelling and persuasive. Of course, they are a group of users who are in dire need of more processing power and advanced devices. However, they have the money and intellectual capital needed to buy such an expensive product. They’ve already been in the Apple ecosystem and are more familiar with the history of Cupertino service than anyone else. Of course, Apple’s performance in the past has not been effective in keeping such users interested. In other words, if previous products were not performing well, the same professional users would have gone elsewhere.

Mac Pro ۲۰۱۹ afterburner

The anonymous photographer interviewed said he expects the Apple product to perform as well as its predecessors. In his view, if Apple had not been so far, he would now have to buy Microsoft Surface . Rickbush is also a longtime user of Apple products, and even made a few Hackintosh (Mac OS installed on non-Apple hardware).

Reckush says about buying a new product:

The new Mac Pro is definitely not a computer that I can build. Without a doubt, I go to Apple directly for purchase. This car is really a monster. Some people may be dissatisfied with Apple’s high price and conditions, but they certainly make an unrivaled product. The new Mac Pro also has some features that are not comparable to any machine.

One of the features that caught my attention was the number of PCI lines. Such a feature is critical for many applications, though it was not specifically mentioned at the unveiling.

Finally, professional users’ talk shows that they are keen to buy the Apple product. On the one hand, the interview was conducted by one of Apple’s media outlets (Apple Insider) and the results cannot be read publicly. However, many people are still unhappy with Apple’s high price and conditions for selling the Mac Pro. Finally, we have to wait for the final product launch and worldwide sales to get more complete reviews and more in-depth reviews of the Cupertino processing giant.

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