Best Screen Capture Software in 2019 – Comprehensive List

The text is not always an effective way of providing instructions, describing issues, or sharing knowledge. Writing an explanation requires much more time than displaying.

 But we do not normally see the screen next to the person who wants to. Screen capture software solves this problem so that everything that happens on the screen, including the mouse move, is recorded.

We’ve introduced 10 of the best screen capture software in this article.

What makes some screen capture software awesome?

The screen capture software facilitates day-to-day tasks such as delivering or responding to support tickets, announcing product updates, accommodating newly hired people, or creating software training courses.

At the time of our research, we reviewed the various options from the three-button minimals window to complex applications with many tools ranging from free software to multi-dollar software.

Each of these software has certain capabilities, but they all have some basic common criteria:

The ability to capture the entire screen, a window or a specific area
Insert images of a webcam onto the video recorded on the screen.
Recording simultaneously sound from microphone or system sounds.
Easy User Interface.

Of course, the process of recording with the screen does not end, the quality of the final product can attract or eliminate the users, and hence the post-recording editing capabilities have also led us to rethink the selection of the best screen capture software.

10 of the best screen capture apps

Camtasia (for Windows, Mac, iOS) for accurate video editing.
Screencastify (Chrome) for fast video feeds.
OBS Studio (Windows, Mac, and Linux) for live webinars.
Apowersoft Unlimited (Windows, Mac, Android and iOS) to record from the phone’s screen.
ScreenFlow (Mac, iOS) for high-quality recording.
Loom (Chrome) for unlimited free cloud storage.
Movavi Screen Recorder Studio (Windows and Mac) To record from the screen when you are away from the system.
Bandicam (Windows) for high quality recording.
FlashBack Pro (Windows) for audio editing after recording.
Atomi’s ActivePresenter 7 (Windows and Mac) for LMS software or interactive screenshots.

In the following, we explain each of the above items in detail.

Camtasia for Windows, Mac and iOS
Camtasia (+) is the best screen capture software for accurate video editing capabilities.

ضبط صفحه نمایش

The Camtasia video capture interface is straightforward and useful. First, the region you want to capture is selected, then decides if you want webcam and microphone inputs and finally click the Record button.

The internal video editor of that story is completely different. There is a comprehensive list of editing options in this software that are managed so that they do not seem confusing.

The effects of “click and drag” and excerpts from the ready-made media are aligned with the left side of the app, and the profile and customization are on the right side, which appears whenever an element is selected from the timeline.

Camtasia videos provide a good guide for people who want to get familiar with their editing tools, but creating a piece of video input and output professional and putting them in a video test requires a few seconds.

The only problem with using this software is its interactive capabilities, which allows you to add quizzes or clickable buttons to the project.

Configuring these elements is easy enough, but the video preview and the export of the final result are much more complicated after adding interactivity.

This is the only app we tested with the subtitle tool and it was possible to repeat the sound at the time of adding text.

For example, as long as you write a subtitle, a four-part voice trailer is played back and it’s much easier, and then the fourth-dimensional piece is played by tapping the Tab button.

If you are interested in learning more about this software, we suggest using the Phrasebook titled “Desktop Tutorial Training and Compilation of Videos with the KMtAzia Software”.

In this tutorial, Camtasia’s educational software has been reviewed for the specialized educational software.

Ultimately, this software is very powerful, it solves all your needs for video editing and editing.

At first glance, this software is similar to screen capture software, but with a variety of features in three areas of professional recording, professional editing, and professional release, as well as for generating searchable video content, video tests, subtitles, dubbing and scrolling This hand, without interfering with the complexity of the same tools, can be said that Kamtázia will give you one of the best filmmaking tools.

Screencastify (Chrome)
Screencastify (+) is the best screen capture software for fast video sharing.

ضبط صفحه نمایش

You can use Screencastify if you want to share recordings with a short screen, but you do not need a lot of editing tools.

For example, if you intend to support a customer and probably have less interest in edited videos with high production times, then you can quickly and quickly create video footage with this software.

Screencastify delivers stand-alone desktop recording environment and straightforward video sharing partner, regardless of editing options.

Since this software is a Chrome Extension, everything can be captured in one or two minutes.

Install it, select the region you want to capture, turn the webcam or microphone on or off depending on your needs and hit the Record button.

Screencastify displays a toolbar in the lower left-hand corner of the browser during the recording, which includes the settings for the cursor as well as a color brush for content annotation on the Chrome browser.

Using the Cursor Settings, you can turn the bubble around the cursor on or off, add an animation to clicking cases, and hide the cursor automatically when the mouse is disabled.

When you stop the screen capture, Screencastify opens the video in the player and uploads it to Google Drive or YouTube account depending on the configuration of the app.

 If the content looks good enough, you can copy or cut the copy, split it, or merge it with the merge tools.

OBS Studio (Windows, Mac, Linux)
OBS Studio (+) is the best screen capture software for live broadcast webinars.

ضبط صفحه نمایش

The OBS Studio lacks editing capabilities and its main expertise in playback and recording options.

This open source application allows novice people to create studios that can use ready-made audio and video configurations while recording.

At the time of testing this software, we built three studios, one for the main display and a webcam,

another for the second webcam and webcam, and a third for both the display and webcam.

Measuring and inserting elements within each studio is simply clicked and dragged and

the rotation between studios is controlled during recording by the hotkey.

With a bit of preparation, these pre-made audio and video elements,

need to interact with any settings during the live streaming video.

There are 44 different platforms in the live streaming menu that include large sites such as Facebook, YouTube,

and Twitch to anonymity platforms such as and Sermon Audio.

By opening the settings menu and inserting a “stream key” in the corresponding text box,

everything is configured with one click on the Start Streaming button in the main dashboard.

The changes you make to a studio, for example,

blend sounds or put webcams into live sound, and you need to be sure you’re ready for this.

Apowersoft Unlimited (Windows, Mac, Android and iOS)
Apowersoft Unlimited (+) is the best screen capture software for mobile phones.

ضبط صفحه نمایش

Every Android device or iPhone has a built-in screen capture software that offers some basic video editing tools.

But Apowersoft Unlimited offers many more options for people who need more functionality.

The software includes 17 separate applications (eight of them manage video recording or editing), which can be run from a single dashboard.

There is an app for Android screen capture and the other for the iPhone, which both include settings that can not be found in any other app.

For example, they can control the resolution, limit bitrate, adjust the frame rate and configure the camera.

If you use the Apowersoft Unlimited suite of software, you can play a mobile device wirelessly on a computer screen and simultaneously use the computer screen capture software to record webcam, microphone, computer sound and mobile device.

This situation is particularly useful when you want to show someone how to use an app with mobile and desktop versions.

If there are similar capabilities in separate interfaces, you can put them together and eliminate any confusion.

ScreenFlow (Mac, iOS)
ScreenFlow (+) is the best screen recording software for record high quality production.

ضبط صفحه نمایش

Telestream’s ScreenFlow software is a great leap in screen capture,

but learning it is a bit more difficult than the other software introduced in this article.

While its editor looks compact at first glance, there are plenty of features available.

The Telestream Media Library is one of the most valuable tools ScreenFlow offers.

The library includes over 500,000 images, audio clips,

and video (some with 4K quality) that can give you a wholly professional look to your recorded videos.

Open the in-app library from the Options panel and by searching for a keyword,

you can click on the appropriate media and drag it to the timeline.

Access to the ready-made media library costs $ 60 per year,

which is quite valuable if you have customers or broad audience for your videos.

Other prominent features of this software include the ability to record from the Retina resolution desktop as well as some formatting options to cut video at production time.

Styles and Templates allow grouping of settings and video components so that they can be applied with a few clicks.

Using Styles, you can apply audio / video settings for single elements,

such as color filters or side shadows for a video piece.

The Templates tool also allows you to insert, rearrange, and configure a group of elements in advance.

For example, you could design a brand or outlet input, or use text input and background music.

Loom (Chrome)
Loom (+) is the best free screen capture software for unlimited cloud storage.

ضبط صفحه نمایش

The Loom looks like Screencastify, but it has some distinct features to gain on its own.

The most obvious difference Loom is the compact control interface that replaces the Screencastify annotation toolbar.

If you enable the Loom webcam capability, it will stick to the control interface as a floating bubble and you can move it or resize it within the browser window.

Other browser-based screen savers display webcam feeds in an independent window, but the Loom approach is much more appealing to the eye.

The only disadvantage is that if you want the webcam to be active outside the browser during screen capture, everything goes a little bit apart.

The subtle yet beautiful detail of this software is the ability to pause and resume the recording, which is not expected among all the screen capture applications as expected.

When the recording is completed, the video is uploaded to the Loom cloud storage, and at the time of writing this article all users have unlimited video storage space.

This is a very big benefit for people who produce a lot of screen-size videos to support users and should always care about the cloud storage that remains.

Loom has provided a tool for cutting off the beginning and end of the video, but it can not be done about the space of the men who are in the video.

Finally, Loom has also introduced the ability to integrate Slack to share videos to specific groups or users without having to leave the software dashboard.

Anyone who receives your video link can click on the link and watch the video on a straightforward web player.

The player has been able to mark important moments with emoji reactions. In the Loom management dashboard, you can protect videos with a password, download them as MP4s and watch where users responded with emoji.

Movavi Screen Recorder Studio (Windows and Mac)
This software (+) is the best screen capture tool for recording in cases of being away from the computer.

ضبط صفحه نمایش

Movavi Screen Recorder Studio is an awesome screen capture app that features an internal video editor. But this software has a feature that distinguishes it and that recording is scheduled.

This tool provides the ability to capture webinar or live streaming from the screen while away from the computer. To do this, just open Movavi and select the recording area in the screen capture interface.

Then click on the clock icon in the top left-right corner and schedule a recording. You can start the recording process manually and schedule it after a certain amount of time.

You can also set a start and end time based on the system clock. Then You can even set the screen to shut down the system or set it to Sleep mode when the recording is finished.

This process is simple and unambiguous and has been optimized by Movavi with clear settings. If you need to record a webinar at a time when it is not appropriate and share it with other people, this app is a good option.

Video export functions are very special and are divided into different categories based on device builder.

Of course we were not convinced about this division. Why should there be a difference between the playback for a LG 4k TV and a Samsung 4k TV? But anyway, this is also a feature of this software.

Bandicam (Windows)
Bandicam (+) is the best screen capture software for high-quality recording.

ضبط صفحه نمایش

With the increasing popularity of electronic entertainment, most screen capture software now includes GIMCAST features.

 This feature is not useful for people with creative minds, but high-quality video capture,

such as what Bandicam does, is useful for people interested in the field.

If you put together a Photoshop or Webinar guide on web design,

it will ensure 144 frames per second and 4K resolution that your content will be different from the rest of the videos.

Bandicam requires powerful hardware to process such high quality videos,

but most people who are active in generating creative content will not have this problem.

Although you might expect this software to focus on video quality,

it has a sophisticated interface, but this app has a summary configuration window.

 In fact, this app is very simple, and its only weakness is the lack of an internal editor.

FlashBack Pro (Windows)
FlashBack Pro (+) is the best screen recording software for audio editing after recording.


ضبط صفحه نمایش

The FlashBack Pro interface is the best screen capture interface, though it looks a bit old and its editor, though only a few steps above the average, is quite valuable to its audio editing tools.

Recording sound at the time of recording from the screen has many problems with it. The proximity of the keyboard to the microphone makes the keystrokes sound intrusive,

avoiding the unwanted noise in the room environment is difficult, and the sound system often has a different sound level than the microphone.

Most editors help reduce these problems, but none are as detailed as the Flashback Pro and are not easy to navigate.

For example, to reduce the volume of a sound left in the system, simply select it in the timeline, right-click it and select the Change Volume of Selection option. You can also remove background noise by applying a filter, or normalize the sound of the microphone and the system to match.

This app has some new features for editing video that includes automatic highlighting of some sections of the page that are disabled. It can also capture the motion of the mouse cursor without having to change anything else inside the video again.

ActivePresenter 7 (Windows, Mac)
ActivePresenter 7 (+) is the best screen capture software for LMS software or screen capture with interactive features….

Atom’s ActivePresenter 7 software is the last option that we’ll list in the top software list of this article.

Although the beginning of the video recording is straightforward in the application,

the options are limited and the habit of working on the second monitor requires more effort.

Work in the editor is also not so easy. This app combines the familiar layout of PowerPoint slides by editing the video in a timeline.

There are several slides on the left side of the screen

and there is a unique timeline inside each slide with a certain combination of video and interactive elements.

The layering approach to displaying the work process at first seems unnecessarily complicated,

but it is probably the easiest way to create interactive video from the screen.

It should also be noted that among all the software we tested and interactive tools,

ActivePresenter 7 was the only option that allowed the implementation of quiz

and activity testing without expanding the entire project and opening it into a separate learning management system.

You have to try this software, record a video from the page, and add all the annotations

and animations you want to add. Then click on the Interactions tab in Ribbon, along the top of the page,

and select elements like True / False or Multiple Choice.

This situation creates a new slide in which you can configure a question, multiple choice for responses, and conditional output.

 For example, if the answer is incorrect,

you can configure the output so that the user will go to the beginning of the test and try again.

Getting used to this software takes a little time, but within an hour you can create an interactive tutorial.

Click the Export tab and select the HTML5 Preview option to try the respective course in the web browser.

If everything goes right, you can export it as a SCORM, xAPI or HTML5 file.

Ending speech

The best screen capture software is the software that offers the most time saving

and produces the most valuable content for your audience.

You should make sure that you know the purpose and the video you are using before choosing an app.

All options listed in this article are free or free trial,

so you can evaluate them and find the best option for your needs.

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