A Comprehensive HDD and SSD Memory Buying Guide – Part 3

Hard disk drives (HDDs) and SSDs with two different technologies are the main storage of PCs. What are the selection components? What kind of product is right for you?

Wireless or Wireless

External storage devices use bands such as WiFi to move your data with less restriction without intermediary devices.

The main advantage of wireless storage devices is the connection of high-end electronics such as mobile phones or cameras to a large storage device.

The interesting thing about these devices is the battery as a power supply; it can also act as a power bank if powered.

In some models, the app is also available for remote data and device management.

Interface Converter

Using converters to connect different types of cables and adapt to other devices also gives you the opportunity to use your storage device in other activities as well.

Sometimes you want to use your hard drive that uses USB-C to connect to your mobile with a USB-A port.

The IDE to SATA or even USB converter is also available in the market. Converters are also found for SSD cards and slots.

Perhaps the best thing is pre-purchase needs assessment and management, and choosing to buy interface converters is the last option.

 حافظه SSD و هارد HDD

Understand your needs, terms and what you need to know before buying

The storage device interacts with your behavior in addition to your other hardware, operating systems, and files, according to its specifications.

With a motherboard on your desktop, it’s possible to use multiple drives at the same time.

Sometimes it saves you the cost of using a couple of cheap or old drives together to get the volume you want.

You also need to keep in mind that in addition to needing a convenient location in the case, the memory also needs to be powered up, which will be an additional burden on the case’s power supply.

Storage caches are also produced by the activity of heat, so you need to think of a way to cool them.

Sometimes buying a larger, more modern hard drive that gives you faster speeds can save you a lot of hidden costs.

Given the variety of HDD and SSD memory variants, the right choice requires more understanding of the technical specifications and advantages that each device gives us after purchase.

About SSD and Hard Disk Memory Although there are two different technologies, different specifications are on the checklist.

However, our ultimate goal is to maintain and store information at high speed, security and stability.

Large files or small files

File size is the main challenge of the storage device

Finally what is defined as data is a file. This file can be bulky or compact, and more importantly, the file is sequentially or sequentially recorded in random segments.

It is recommended that a hard disk drive be arranged from time to time by defragmentation to allow free space between files to increase the read speed of the files;

But in SSD memory, the information is stored in a different way, and its storage culture includes other options.

هارد HDD  و حافظه SSD

A drive will be available to you at the start of memory,

but using only one drive is challenging; the solution is hard drive partitioning.

By dividing the memory into smaller drives, in addition to better managing your data when problems such as a malfunctioning operating system,

malware, there is a layer of security between the operating system and the information.

When you go into the partitioning debate, there is a solution called Short Stroking; how much the head arm needs to move from the center to the edge of the platter to analyze the data is the basis of the technique in question.

The arm does this repeatedly in seconds, and the shorter it is, the faster it is.

In essence, disk-scattered information is responsible for such movements.

Short Stroking Technique helps you find the optimal point of data transfer speed on your hard drive capacity and optimize your hard drive speed and performance by segmenting it accordingly.

The Short Stroking technique, in addition to the above, allows you to delay the purchase of a new hard drive.

Hard drive partitioning and SSD memory are no different; some hard drives are pre-formatted for a specific operating system, but eventually you can re-format it for another operating system.

You can have a special drive for bulk files like movies and music or even transfer them to another memory.

Memory Pyramid and High Speed ​​Highlights

Transferring information between devices at two different speeds is one of the most important things in the memory world.

The slower tool must somehow adapt itself to the faster tool otherwise it will be out of competition;

So a class is form that fills the gap between the permanent memory with the apex of the pyramid and is knowning as temporary memory or main memory.

This is the basis of the conceptual pyramid of the computer, and the position of each tool is determine by the speed and capacity factors.

هرم حافظه

There are a number of ways to access memory in which the hard disk drive has direct access to memory and the SSD is random access.

Durability of sturdy home storage and long life

Storage endurance is an important issue especially for external storage.

SSDs are more impact-resistant than hard disks; the lack of moving components in SSDs makes them vulnerable to the dangers of vibration and vibration.

The need for impact resistance, water penetration and the like has created a whole new set of extraneous products;

Companies like ADATA, for example, have developed high-pressure-resistant memory.

An important point on the website of many makers of such a tool is to recommend proper memory handling;

This means that the more you care about your hard disk or SSD memory, the more secure your data will be.

adata hd830

On the hard drive, moving parts are prone to wear and tear. Measures such as adjusting some of the system’s bios and methods such as differentials, etc. can help reduce extra drive movement.

SSDs, on the other hand, are also not immune to wear and tear, of course, by activating TRIM functionality, operating system settings, and so on.

Hard disks consume more power than SSDs because of the mechanical components, so using them for laptops will give you a better charge.


The amount of information a storage device can handle is called capacity. This capacity is generally expressed in today’s world with units of gigabytes and terabytes.

Generally, hard drive manufacturers calculate 1 byte for each KB. There is, of course, another form of computation that calculates 1 byte per KB;

Because computer engineers use binary numbers. Such an understanding of capacity sometimes leads to the difference between

what is stated by the manufacturer and the actual amount of memory.

Unlike SSDs, hard drives are highly susceptible to impact

Apart from this volume difference due to the difference in how the capacity is calculated,

each file system partition that is selected

and defined according to the operating system type consumes some of the volume of each partition or storage device.

Filesystem in Windows are known as FAT or NTFS,

while on your Mac OSX you encounter the HFS file system, and in Linux you get Btrfs, JFS, and so on.

One way to upgrade capacity, speed as well as security on storage is to select and use file systems,

and sometimes your hardware or system may not support faster file systems.

This is not very acute unless you want, for example, to use an external hard drive for all operating systems;

In this case, you need to look at your data storage strategy again.

In addition, the operating system also generates an additional part of the SSD’s hard drive

or memory capacity by generating cache management files in each partition.

The hidden file and shadow appear by changing the display settings of the file in the operating system, but of course its small size can be checked.

Ultimately the volume and capacity of the hard drive is something you can count on.

 حافظه SSD و هارد HDD

The types of partitioning methods are MBR and GPT. MBR format is typically use for low volumes and GPT format for hard drives with more than 2 terabyte capacity.

  So you need to know that using high capacity requires money in addition to money.

 حافظه SSD و هارد HDD

You can now have a capacity of 6,000 GB or 2 TB on a 4.5-inch drive.

Manufacturers also claim users are providing with SSD memory technology with a 4.7-inch form factor up to 2 terabyte;

In other words, the capacity is equivalent to 6,000 DVD movies or 4 million photos,

thanks to V-NAND technology’s tremendous opportunities.

The factor that will definitely increase the cost is the hard drive capacity.

You can calculate the amount of hard drive for every gig it gives you,

but by reading other technicals you’ll notice that not only the hard drive’s capacity and price are a good guide.

So pay attention to the capacity you need before buying a hard drive or SSD memory,

as it will cost a lot to make a mistake in estimating capacity, especially in SSDs.

Storing movies, music,

and other large files on SSDs will be costly because conventional hard drives are more rational for doing so,

and we’ll go further.

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