9 Useful Applications for Better Communication Between Windows 10 and Android

Connecting between Windows 10 and Android and syncing these two operating systems is easy with the installation of multiple applications.

If you are running a Windows 10- powered computer and an Android mobile phone and tablet , you can install multiple apps, communicate well and exchange information between them; for example, you can write a note on your phone Complete in Windows 10 or set the same reminder about the appointment on two devices.

In this series of Windows 10 tutorials, we will introduce you to the 8 Android apps that provide syncing with Windows 10 and Android , and how to work with them. All of these apps are free and available from Microsoft . To use each application to exchange information, you must sign in with your Android phone and the same Microsoft Online account that you used in Windows 10 to access the applications.

Cortana: Sync reminders between Android and Windows 10 devices

Cortana’s Android app lets you sync reminders with Windows 10 computers and send them notifications . To do this, after touching the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of the screen, first select Reminders and on the next page the Remember to … option and finally enter your reminder name next to the circle icon.

Then, by touching the set a time option, you can set the time you want to receive a reminder about your reminder. Also, if you want to get specific notifications after you enter the place or places, use the set a place option and the set a photo option to add a photo to your note.

Cortana Android app

After doing this, the reminder will be synced with Windows 10, for example, if the calendar application is on one of the live tiles in the Start menu (pin), the reminder will be displayed on the application tile, and if you click on the Notifications section in Windows 10, A border panel appears below the Calendar app.

It’s also possible to do the opposite,

which means you can set your reminder in one of the Windows 10 Calendar apps

or the Cortana app to show your phone through the Cortana app.

Download Cortana from Google Play

OneDrive: Access files stored in Windows 10 with your phone

You know, in Windows 10, it’s possible to store files in one’s van,

Microsoft’s cloud service, and it’s kind of integrated into Windows 10. To save files to your van drive, just select your files, such as images, documents, and other files, and drag them into the file explorer in the service folder to automatically upload and save them to the cloud.

Using the OneDrive Android app you can see all the images, documents and texts stored in the service (If you touch the images and documents, you can view them in the dedicated file view section of the app, and if you choose simple texts, Are displayed with the default app you have already selected).

OneDrive also lets you store videos and images taken with the Android phone’s camera in the OneDrive, and you can also view these images and videos in Windows 10.

One Drive Android App

To enable automatic image storage (or make sure this feature is enabled) in the mobile app,

touch this option by touching the ME icon in the lower right corner of the screen

and selecting Settings and finally selecting Camera Upload. You can also specify using upload option to upload images only when the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network or when the mobile Internet connection continues. The Upload only while charging and Include video options, which are enabled by default, only allow images to be uploaded while charging and to upload videos in addition to uploading images. Also in the Additional folders section you can select different folders such as the WhatsApp or Image folder to upload.

Download OneDrive from Google Play

Outlook: Synchronize calendar appointments and reminders between Windows 10 and Android devices

Outlook Android applications are mainly used to access email through some Microsoft services such as Exchange, Office 365 and Outlook.com (also available with Gmail and Yahoo accounts), but this calendar application It also comes with a Windows 10 Calendar app that lets you create different appointments and reminders for different tasks to remind you of the date and time you want. With this app, both the phone and the computer are alerted when the date and time set for reminders draws near.

August Lock Android Application

To use this Android app calendar tool, you first need to touch the third icon below the screen

(it looks like a daily calendar tab showing the day’s date)

then scroll down vertically in the list of dates the day you want to view. Select and select the reminder.

Next, touch the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen, and on the next screen,

set the exact time and place of your appointment and the length of time you want to be alerted. You can also select who you want to receive notifications associated with reminders from the contact list.


the occasions and appointments set up in the Windows Calendar app are

also displayed in the AutoLock Android app, just like the Cortana app we discussed earlier;

Download AutoLook from Google Play

Onenote: Sync notes between Android phone and Windows 10

The Windows version of Onenote is installed in Windows 10,

and you can write notes on your phone and complete

them on your computer by installing the Android version of this app. Using this app you can create a checklist of things to do besides writing a note (check list). In addition to writing notes on an Android van note, you can use other methods such as digital pen to write with your own handwriting or voice typing in addition to the phone’s keyboard . Other good features of the app include the ability to draw figures with a digital finger or pen or use a camera to add photos to a note.

Android app One note

Download VanNote from Google Play

Your Phone: Manage notifications, images and text messages on Android phones and make voice calls from Windows 10

Your Phone Android app allows you to automatically receive notifications

and text messages on your Android 10 phone as well as viewing pictures on your PC. To use this application you need to log in to the application with the same Microsoft account after running it.

Next you need to open the Windows app and click on the Photos button

on the left side of the navigation toolbar. Here you can see pictures and screenshots of your phone. To save the images you need to right click on them and select save image.

Clicking on the Messages and Notifacation button in the navigation bar of your computer app can see all

the messages and notifications on your phone, reply to all received text messages, and even write new ones. Messages written in this app will be forwarded to the phone to be sent. Similarly, messages sent through different messenger apps can also be answered by the sender.

Android app companion your phone

To select which applications you want their notifications to appear on the computer,

click on the Settings icon in the bottom left of the screen

and scroll down to the bottom panel to find the Notifications option. Then click on Choose which apps notify you and scroll down to view available apps that can display their notifications on the computer and select the ones you want. To stop sending notifications to your computer, you only need to disable them in this section.

To make a voice call to the computer,

you need to click the Calls button below the navigation bar to make the call.

Download Yur Von

Microsoft launcher: Windows 10 timeline access

Timeline is a feature of Windows 10 that records a list of user activity such as open documents or websites visited. To view the timeline, you must click the Task View button on the taskbar to see an extensive history of logs. This list of activities listed is sorted by date, and you can easily find documents you’ve previously opened or websites you’ve previously opened.

With Windows 10 Timeline you can access all open documents and websites you visit

The Microsoft launcher app also allows timeline access via the phone. After installing the app with the same Microsoft account log in to the app and select Microsoft Launcher as your phone’s default homepage. Then swipe left from the home screen to the first page. Then, by touching the Timeline icon at the bottom of the toolbar, you can view all the webpages you’ve recently visited in Windows 10, and open them only by touching them.

If you have Office apps like Word , Excel , and PowerPoint on your phone, you can easily open documents in TimeLine. Even if you open a document in one of the Office applications, that document will appear in the Windows 10 Timeline you are logged into with the same Microsoft account.

Download Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft launcher Android app

IceOffice Lens: View pictures taken with the camera phone from Windows 10 documentation

The Office Lens app is not designed to communicate between a phone and a computer,

it is merely an application integrated with van Drive. Using the Office Lens you can capture a variety of documents with your phone’s camera. Microsoft claims that users are scanning images with this app (purely because it’s taken from text), but in fact Office Lens does nothing other than take a simple, ordinary image. Imaging of paintings, handwriting, blackboard, whiteboard and signs are also possible with this app.

Android lens for office application

Office Lens automatically smooths images and eliminates noise and removes excess portions. The app can also convert images into text and graphic designs that can be edited in Vanot, Word, PowerPoint and PDF format. The post-processing images are automatically saved to the VanDrive folder, so you can easily view them through Windows 10 as well.

Note: The Android Drive app also has a tool for capturing documents with the camera phone,

but it is not possible to change the camera resolution with this tool to increase or decrease the image quality.

Microsoft Launcher or VanNote: Access, create, edit and manage notes created in the Sticky Notes app

Windows 10 users can write notes or create a list of different tasks using an app called Sticky Notes; this app is not officially released for Android yet,

but you can access Microsoft Launcher or OneNote apps using either of them. You can also create or edit or delete notes in Sticky Notes through these two apps.

To use Microsoft launcher after installing it you need to set the app as the default home screen of the phone.

After that, swipe to the left and the first home screen,

then touch the Glance icon at the bottom left of the screen. Scroll through the info card on the home screen to find Notes Sticky app notes.

The VanNote app also has an icon at the bottom right of the Home screen

that lets you see a list of Sticky Notes app notes.

Note that any changes to the notes (including creating, deleting and editing them) via Microsoft Launcher

and OneNote will also be implemented quickly in the Sticky Notes Windows 10 app.

Sticky Notes Notes

Microsoft edge: Sync browser history between phone and computer

If you log into your Microsoft E- browser (Microsoft’s proprietary browser) with your same Microsoft account, your browser history, bookmarks, and other information will be synchronized with both your browser and your mobile browser, but your browser will be synchronized. Why Use Microsoft Edge?

We recommend using Microsoft Edge for Android for two reasons:

First, if Google Chrome has problems with Android,

you can use Microsoft Edge as a good alternative to Chrome. Also, if Windows 10 is synced with your phone, you can use it as a tool to back up your browser information.

The second reason is Microsoft’s ability to facilitate communication between the phone and the computer. If you open a page in the Android browser, you can easily move that page to Windows 10 and open it on your computer. To do this, first touch the icon in the middle of the web page (this icon is almost at the bottom of the page) Touch the Android browser to display the list of Windows 10 computers. Once you have selected your computer, the Ajax browser will run automatically on the selected computer and load the web page you want.

Michael's browser

Download Microsoft Browser Ed

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