9 of the best new computer programs you should install on your system

Various software are designed and manufactured to better manage and optimize Windows systems to be installed on personal or office systems after installing custom Windows. 

The purpose of these applications is to extend the lifespan of Windows and the system and to provide security and protection for users. Here are some of the best new computer programs you need to install on your system.


Working with any computer first requires installing the required software on it, and people who have a lot of computer experience feel the need for a variety of software and applications. What is most important for users is to always back up and back up important information and install a valid Russian antivirus to prevent computer malware from entering their system.

Introducing Video 1 of the Best Windows Apps to Install:

Ninety-nine antivirus programs:

One of the most efficient and effective programs to protect your computer against viruses, trojans, and internet worms is the NOD2 program developed by the Slovak company ESET . This powerful antivirus provides you with adequate protection against all types of malware and can repair your system if the virus enters your system. Node Antivirus uses a variety of layers to identify and utilize unique cloud technology to prevent cybercriminals from accessing user personal information and blocking any potential threats from accessing and infecting computers.

Key features of NOD antivirus include:

  • Hourly antivirus update
  • Supports all windows
  • Run automatically when Windows starts up
  • Check Office Files for Virus
  • Prevent the execution and publication of files infected with the virus
  • Ability to clear cache-enabled malware
  • Checking the internet for viruses and spyware
  • August Lock Assistant for Viral Email Search
  • Control incoming and outgoing mail to Microsoft Exchange Server application
  • Clear contamination from read-only files (such as running DLL files)
  • Check codes to find malicious programs like viruses, spyware and more
  • Protect all viruses that penetrate the system including: SMTP, POP3, HTTP and all local and removable media
  • Search with a percentage of artificial intelligence to find files that are suspicious of new and unknown infections.

≡ Download the latest version of Nod Antivirus for PC

1- CCleaner Program:


The CCleaner program is one of the best options for fixing and optimizing Windows systems that will ultimately extend the life of Windows. Unlike other similar software, CCleaner does not do this automatically and deletes any files of your choice. Using this software you can delete Windows Recycle Bin, Recent Browse Documents, Extra Windows derived files, and delete Windows log files. These files may not look important, but for some reason, they disrupt the execution of Windows processes and, as a result, slow down.

The most important features of CCleaner software include:

  • Complete cleaning of the hard drive from the extra hub program
  • Optimize Windows and speed it up
  • Full backup of sweet parsb language
  • Clearing temporary files, address histories, cookies in Internet Explorer

 Download the latest CCleaner PC version

Google Chrome App:


The Google Chrome software was released in year 6 and designed to speed up web browsing. It was recognized as the world’s most popular browser for five years and continues to compete with other browsers. A powerful JavaScript engine as well as a good reviewer called WEBKIT speeds up this browser. The most striking feature of Google Chrome is its user interface that has made this browser popular. It is interesting to note that this feature has not changed since year 6 and has tried to avoid unnecessary toolbars and only place the necessary strips.

The following are some of the most important features of Google Chrome browser:

  • Beauty in design
  • Has different layouts
  • High speed in loading pages
  • High security in unsafe internet environment
  • Supports all versions of Windows
  • Fixes vertical and horizontal scrolling problem in the system
  • Prevent the potential dangers of spy-ware and thieves
  • Protect private and security passwords and passwords
  • Bug fixes and software shutdowns
  • Prevent popup blockers from opening
  • Tabbed Browsing (Open All Pages in One Page)

 Download link for the latest version of Google Chrome for PC

Mozilla Firefox app:

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a product of Mozilla, a secure, high-end, high-speed, high-speed browser. The Mozilla Firefox browser is popular because of its high quality and performance compared to other world-class browsers such as Internet Explorer and Opera and perhaps better than some of them. Firefox Browser With its recent advances, Firefox is one of the best browsers in terms of site design and site loading speed. If you want to see better the design and quality of websites you can use Mozilla browser. If you are one of the many people who want to keep your favorite pages in the cloud, you can save your pages by logging into a Mozilla account or Gmail connection. The new version of Mozilla not only supports better videos, but also allows for better processing of Html and Css.

Key features of the Mozilla Firefox app:

  • high security
  • Simple and practical design
  • Run fullscreen browser
  • Prevent Popup Pages
  • Supports all web pages
  • Better web page loading speed
  • Having hidden pages for browsing
  • Browse real anonymity with the possibility of tracking protection
  • Has less volume than other browsers and reduces RAM usage

 Download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox for PC

Skype app:


The Skype app provides you with the ability to make free voice calls to your friends online. Skype has been known to be the premier voice communication service from the beginning to the present, as well as sharing video images and other features like other messaging tools.

Key features of the Skype app:

  • Ability to send SMS to other users
  • Supports different versions of Windows
  • Opportunity to create audio conferences with other people around the world
  • Search and discover other Skype subscribers around the world
  • Use SkypeOut for regular phone calls
  • The high quality of the sound was even at low speeds
  • Having a powerful firewall to make communication safer
  • Ability to customize the image for your subscription and display it to your contacts
  • Video Calls feature for direct viewing of the audience through webcam
  • Make voice and video calls with your friends around the world
  • Ability to add new users to the friends list and classify them

   Download the latest version of Skype for PC

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1- VLC Media Player:


VLC Media Player is one of the most popular audio and video player software among the users. The most important features of this program are the ability to play in a wide range of formats, advanced and advanced features to control how the video playback. VLC Media Player software As the name implies, it is a multimedia file player. It plays a variety of audio, video, photo, video, flash, and more formats. But the VLC media player has gained more popularity because of its ability to play video files. Installing VLC will no longer require you to install heavy software on your computer and take up RAM space, as it can play 5% of multimedia files. It is freeware and its standalone operating system allows you to use it on a variety of operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

VLC Application Features:

  • Rip-off DVDs
  • Video playback in ASSCII mode
  • Play or download YouTube videos
  • Play zip in RAR or ZIP format
  • Screen shot capability from the desktop screen
  • Ability to capture movie footage from desktop and webcam
  • Convert audio and video files to various formats

 Download the latest version of VLC for PC

1- Paint.NET application:


A free and easy-to-use Paint tool for editing images that are freely available for use in Windows. It can be a simple and convenient alternative to professional image editing software such as Photoshop. The app has a lot of tools and features, and the ability to add plugins , and it can do almost any professional work for you. Paint.NET is capable of delivering exceptional capabilities, despite its low volume.

Highlights of the Paint.NET program:

  • Attractive special effects
  • Powerful image editing
  • Useful and useful tools
  • Suitable for Photoshop
  • Simple interface and easy to use
  • Unlimited layer capability support
  • No need for any crack because the software is free

 Download the latest version of Paint.NET for PC

Google Picasa app:


Google picasa is an efficient and accurate tool for better image management designed and designed by the big Google company. This app can be synced to your used browser to share and receive Google images. Batch resizing and applying different effects to improve image quality are other features of this software. This app is able to sync images using the Picasa account. You can now get the latest version of Picasa software for free via the link below.

Picasa Photo Software Features:

  • Blogger support
  • Easily edit images
  • Send pictures by email
  • Simple and efficient search for images
  • Share a photo album with your friends
  • Sort selected photos into custom folder
  • Transfer images from digital cameras, scanners, and more to the app
  • Slideshow and direct writing to CD
  • Ability to view others’ photo albums on various Google services
  • Ability to add tags to any photo or set of photos at the same time

 Download the latest version of Google picasa for PC

Flux program:


F.lux software is suitable for adjusting the monitor light for Windows desktop and laptop computers. As you know, the brightness of the computer screen is always constant, and this becomes normal for the user over time. In fact, the user forgets that in daylight or in the dark, the screen brightness has to be reset. But in many cases, this action remains hidden from the user’s eyes, causing long-term damage to their eyes. It is able to automatically adjust the brightness of the computer screen depending on the different hours of the day. The software automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen to prevent damage to the user’s eyes, taking into account your geographical location and time zone. You can now get the latest version of f.lux software from Read More.

F.lux software features:

  • No need for sensors
  • Ability to personalize settings
  • Automatic detection of day and night
  • Change the contrast of the manicure according to the day and night
  • Suitable for desktops and laptops
  • Ability to automatically adjust screen brightness
  • Ability to disable software for a limited time
  • Very low volume compared to excellent performance

 Download the latest flux version of PC for PC

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