7 common problems in Windows 10, along with a simple fix

Some Windows 10 users usually experience problems. For example, the problem of connecting to the Internet or quickly discharging the charge, now is the time to resolve these problems.

If you are among those who are having these issues, read this before you upgrade your windows.

5. Get caught up on updates during download or uninstall

Since Windows 7 is forcibly downloading and installing updates, disrupting the windows update process can be very annoying. If one of your updates gets stuck in the download process or is not installed, it is likely that the file has been downloaded incompletely and that you need to delete and retry the download operation.

To do this, press the Windows and R buttons on the keyboard together to open the menu. Now in the menu, type C: // Windows / softwareDistribution / download and click Okay. Now delete whatever appears in this folder, never delete the folder itself. After completing these steps, restart your system and download the update file again.


1-Empty quick charge kernel:

Those who have Windows 7 on their laptops may have noticed that the operating system is reducing the charging time. It is best to schedule your download and install new Windows 8 updates yourself and download and install new updates at the right time.

Otherwise, you should focus on some new features in Windows 7, such as Cortana, the virtual assistant. This assistant can help the user in different situations, however, and sometimes its battery consumption can be a little annoying to Windows. If you do not have the voice calling capabilities of this assistant, we recommend going to the Cortana Settings section in Windows and setting the Let Cortana Respond to Hey Cortana option to Off.

Updating your windows can also make the charge empty. Especially now that you can share the update you’ve done. To turn it off, first press Windows Key + I – the Windows key – and then:

Update & security> Windows Update> Advanced options

Finally, turn off how updates are delivered.

The default programs are changed

Did you realize when launching Windows 7 that you couldn’t open your photos on your favorite app? Opening files without using the default program is one of the problems with Windows 7. Windows 8 can’t remember what program you chose to open certain types of files, but changing the default program can be easy.

First press the Windows Key + I buttons together. Then select system. Then select the default apps on the left. You can change your default apps for photos, videos, and more here.

1. WiFi Internet connections are not detected

If the system is currently unable to detect home WiFi connectivity, there may be a problem installing IP switching programs. Our first recommendation is to go to the manufacturer’s website and update the software. However, there is another solution that we will continue to provide.

Press the Windows Key + X buttons together and select Command Prompt. Then enter the following two lines by pressing Inter after each:

reg delete HKCR \ CLSID \ {988248f3-a1ad-49bf-9170-676cbbc36ba3} / f

netcfg -v -u dni_dne

If that doesn’t work, it’s more about the driver than the VPN. Search for this device manager and select the relevant results. Expand Network adapters in the new window. Then click on your wireless adapter and select Update Driver Software.

Touch screen (touchpad) is not working well

If your touch screen is not working, let’s start with simple steps to see if it really gets activated. Touch your keyboard first to see if there is a function button to turn the touch screen on and off. This varies depending on your device, but usually appears with an icon in one of the F # keys. If not, press the Windows and I buttons together and then:

Devices> Mouse & touchpad> Additional mouse options

A new window opens, probably called Device Settings. Select your Touchpad and make sure it’s not turned off. If disabled, click the enable button.

If this doesn’t decrease then you can do this: Press Windows and X keys first and select Device Manager. Then expand Mice and other pointing devices, right-click on your touch screen, and select Update Driver Software. You can also go to the manufacturer’s websites and download your drivers instead.

2. Problems installing or updating Microsoft Store apps

If you’re having trouble downloading or updating store apps, you probably need to update the system tray. The steps are also very simple.

First, press the Windows and R buttons together to open the Run window. Enter WRReset.exe and click ok. The black steering wheel will open and close in a moment. Eventually it closes and the store opens. We hope this common Windows problem has been resolved for you.

2. Microsoft Office files cannot be opened

You may open Office files, but you may encounter an error file, cannot be started correctly, or experience an error, this is probably a problem with protected files.

To fix this problem, press CTRL + X and select Command Prompt admin. Enter the following statement in the menu (edit your used Office version, of course) and hit Inter:

icacls “% programfiles% \ Microsoft Office 15” / grant * S-1-15-2-1: (OI) (CI) RX

You should now be able to open your file. If not, try installing it. To do this in the computer search box, select programs and features and select the relevant results. Find Office in the list and right-click it, then click Change, select Online Repair, and then click Repair.

2. The problem of flashing the screen

A common Windows issue among users occurs on the device screen. Turning off or flashing the Windows screen after upgrading to Windows is probably due to the lack of the latest drivers, especially the graphics driver. Norton antivirus, iCloud service and IDT Audio are known as programs that usually cause this problem. We suggest updating these apps as well.

Alternatively, you can delete the display driver and reinstall or return to the previous version. Windows 8 automatically updates your drivers and may impose incompatible versions.

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