5 of The reason for the computer and laptop shutdown and how to fix it

Sudden shutdown of the system is one of the problems that causes a lot of trouble. MetaLa When you are doing a project or typing, all of the work you have done may be wasted. 

Of course there is no concern as there are various ways to fix this problem. Here are some of the causes of this problem as well as ways to fix it.


Computers and laptops are among the technologies that are the most widely use technology in the present age. But this sophisticated technology also always has problems, such as problems that may occur to users when the laptop and computer are turned off automatically during games and daily tasks, which can make them unhappy and may take several hours to complete. Do not turn on the system. In such cases, most will disconnect the power cord or, in the case of laptops, remove the laptop battery to disconnect the power supply.


But what about the sudden shutdown of the computer and laptop?

In general, the computer may shut down suddenly for a variety of reasons, and here are five of its most important causes.

The heat loss effect of silicone paste is on the processor

Silicone paste

This causes the CPU heat to not be transfer to the heatsink and cooler properly. And in older systems, this is a common problem, and you usually see a sudden shutdown after a few minutes of normal operation. To fix this problem, simply make a quality silicone paste, then open the case and remove the processor coolant from the processor. Watch the video below to learn how to replace silicone paste.

CPU heat paste replacement training

2. Dirty fan and excessive heat

Computer fan

Overuse of the system causes the system temperature to rise, so-called hot, in which case the cooling fan in the system cannot respond to this problem and therefore the cooling system automatically interrupts the spark current. Of course, the dirty case of the fan, the graphics card and the CPU fan can be another reason for the system to shut down suddenly. Dust that accumulates in the fan blades prevents air from circulating well, resulting in air conditioning, and your system turns off due to the hot CPU and internal components.

Tutorial closure computer case fan

Problems with computer hardware


Hardware problems are one of the reasons for the sudden shutdown of computer systems. A defect in the piece or even a mistake in placement causes the computer system to malfunction. Whenever your system shuts down for no reason, follow all of the above carefully. If you have not recently installed hardware on the motherboard, separate components from each system to ensure the performance of each component. Try and test the system again.

Introducing Computer Motherboard

2- Computer system power supply problems

Power supply

Power failure also causes the system to shut down suddenly. The power supply is located in a small box where the power cord is plugged in. Whenever the fan does not turn off the heat, it cuts off electricity due to pressure. Just make sure the power supply is powered by your computer to avoid accidents caused by power outages or even power outage problems. Be careful with the sockets and wiring, the slightest damage can cause irreparable damage to your computer system as well as its internal information.

Important: Do not open the power supply at all because it may contain dangerous voltages.

Virus Computer or Laptop


If, despite all the previous recommendations and checking each one,

your system is still shut down for no reason, include software issues in your review. Sometimes a small problem with installing the program or even viral files can cause this problem. Having a virus in your system files is one of the rarest causes of your computer and laptop shutting down, but it’s still possible to fix this problem by installing a powerful antivirus on the system.

If you suspect a program or software, remove the program and restart the system.

Fixed a problem with the computer shutdown

Fixed a problem with the computer shutdown

HKEY-LOCAL-MACHIN / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / Windows / Current Version / Reliability

Then double-click the DWORD variable called Shutdown Reason UI . Then change its value to one and exit the registry. Now, if you select shut down in the Start menu, a more advanced window will appear, which will automatically generate a report each time your computer is shut down , which can be traced to the Event Viewer . You also need to log in to the Control Panel to access the Event Viewer , then select Administrative Tools . Select System from Event Viewer . Then go to the view menu on Find and type in Event ID 1 and then click Find Next . From now on the Event ID portion of the result is visible.

Method Seven: Use this software to prevent computer shutdown

Computer Shutdown 1

This program can provide a means to prevent your computer’s current activities from being unexpectedly disable. It can also prevent the monitor from turning off. This software does not need to be installed and is portable, so your Windows registry will remain unchanged.

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