3 of the best and latest Windows 7 to 10 repair software download links

Various software has been designed and manufactured to fix and repair various windows, each with its own functionality. If your system also needs to be repaired by installing new software that carries viruses or malware,

or changes to Windows, or for any other reason! Join us here to introduce you to some of the best and latest Windows 7 to 8 repair software.


You may not be able to go to a specialist and computer engineer when faced with complex software and hardware problems that you cannot handle on your own. In such cases, alternative software will come to your aid and solve your system problem easily and in the shortest possible time and you can safely handle other tasks. You will be introduced to some of these software applications.


2- Windows system mechanic repair software:


One of the most powerful software for fixing Windows and protecting it from viruses and threats is to increase the speed and stability of Windows system software program mechanic. System mechanics software detects programs that are corrupted. Also, this program can scan for viruses, trojans, worms, rootkits, browser hijackers, adware and other files during your system scan. Detects unwanted and programs that may harm your computer. The size of this program with its crack file is 1MB. To download this program you can click on the link below.

≡ System mechanic software download link

Advanced Windows care software:


This program helps you detect the damage to your computer. Security threats, viruses and Trojans, spyware, hardware issues such as hard drive memory and speed, processor power and temperature, etc. are the issues that are addressed. The program checks your system for modified files and registry.

The most important features of Advanced SystemCare software are:

  • Running the computer at peak performance and running automatically in the foreground
  • Establish computer security and the ability to optimize and clean the registry
  • Ability to erase and integrate and optimize hard drives
  • Optimize the system and end up slowing down, crippling, crashing and security risks
  • Error clearing and running more smoothly than ever by deleting incomplete, corrupted and outdated files
  • System support by scanning and removing spyware and adware with free updates
  • Keeping your system running at its best by setting Windows at the best system position and integrating hard drive space

≡ Download link for advanced system car software

Windows Repair 4.3.1 Software:


Windows Repair 4.3.1 is the latest version of Windows Repair software released in year 6 and is one of the most suitable windows repair programs to help you fix most of your known Windows problems such as errors Fix registry, file access permissions, as well as IE issues, Windows update, Windows firewall, and more. In addition, using this handy utility can restore your default Windows settings.

Windows Repair Software Features:

  • Reset and edit the registry
  • Reset file accesses
  • Registry system files
  • WMI repair
  • Windows Firewall Repair
  • IE Repair
  • MDAC and MS Jet Repair
  • Restore Hosts File
  • Remove Policies Set
  • Icon Repair
  • Restore Winsock and DNS Cache
  • Remove Temp Files
  • Repair proxy settings
  • Restore Windows Updates

Repair Download link for Windows Repair 2018 4.3.1

1- FixWin for Windows 10 Repair Software


It is a very useful software for the time when viruses and malicious files have damaged your windows and caused it to malfunction. With this software you can easily repair the problems and damage to your Windows and restore your system performance and restore the system speed. Important features of this software are:

  • File Explorer: Suggestions for fixing Windows 8 file explorer problems
  • Internet and PC Connection: Allows you to fix the Internet problems you encountered after upgrading to Windows 7.
  • Reset program settings, slow startup, or output settings that encountered errors.
  • Has 4 tools (File Explorer, Internet & Connectivity, Windows 10, System Tools, Troubleshooters, Additional Fixes)

≡ Download link for Windows FixWin for Windows 10 repair software


2- Fix-It Utilities Professional Windows Repair Software 12


It has a 5 MB volume and is a powerful recovery program that can recover your deleted files. Compatible with various versions of Windows, including the popular Windows 8, which you can fix and optimize and speed up how you run programs on Windows startup by fix -It Utilities software, and by deleting Extra apps to speed up Windows startup. Troubleshooting, fixing and troubleshooting Windows and optimizations that normally require specialized training can be done by yourself with no Fix-It Utilities software. You can download this program from the link below.

 Download link for Fix-It Utilities Professional 12 software

Features of this software can be mentioned:

  • High speed software
  • Internet optimization to speed up
  • Troubleshoot software installed on the system
  • Ability to handle and display files and programs in the system Startup list
  • Troubleshoot system and hardware problems
  • Detect and destroy spyware
  • Fix registry problems and remove extra keys and speed up Windows
  • Ability to recover deleted files

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