3 ideas for using old phones

If you are thinking of buying a new phone and do not want to sell your old phone, there are still several ways to use it effectively.

The mobile phone market is one of the most dynamic markets in which many companies operate and are constantly introducing new products with new innovations. Every time new phones are introduced, many people are thinking about buying them and abandoning their old handsets. There are a lot of people who find it most rational to sell an old phone, but they can still be useful. If you don’t want to sell your old phone, there are many ways you can still use your mobile phone.

Keep in mind that smartphones are small, powerful computers that have good internal memory and are also equipped with cameras. Instead of spending money to buy another expensive device, you can spend the creativity and build the device you want with the old phone. The cellphone you already have can replace many electronic devices, and even turn them into home security cameras.You can also use the phone to identify technical issues with your car.

Hyperkin SmartBoy Mobile Device

Turn your old phone into a Nintendo Gameboy

When you turn your Android device into a Nintendo Gameboy console, you can easily experience the video game experience wherever you are. All you need is a good Android phone and gadget called Hyperkin SmartBoy Mobile Device .

In order to experience the games, you need to buy gameboy console cartridges. Of course, if you don’t have access to the cartridges, you can get the Game Boy Advance console, which now costs about $ 5.

Use your iPhone or Android phone as a universal control

Having a control that can do just about anything you want can be very useful and practical. Think, for example, of the product of Click Sand Click by Adam Sandler; it may be exaggerated, but in any case, it is exciting to be able to control all your electronic devices from a single device.

Simply download a specific app like iRule (for iPhone and Android ) and then sync your phone with various devices such as the Xbox One, the Roku Portable Gadget and Apple TV . On the other hand, if you have a smart light bulb in your home, you can sync your phone with it.

Google Home / Google Home

Turn your Android phone into Google Home

Converting an Android smartphone into a Google Home speaker is by no means a difficult task, and you don’t even need to download the app. Make sure your phone is updated to the latest version of Android. The next step is to find a Bluetooth speaker so you can sync your phone with it. Make sure both devices (handset and speaker) are plugged in so that the connection is not cut off in the middle of the job.

By syncing two devices, you can easily enjoy a product similar to Google Home. The best part is that you don’t have to pay $ 6 to get Google Home.

Turn your phone into a CCTV camera

You can use it at home by turning your old smartphone into a security camera. Just download and install a special app like Alfred (for iPhone and Android ). This allows you to easily see the home space while you’re at work and always be comfortable. Put your phone in a place where you have the best view of everyone.

When you return home, you can hide your phone outside the house to monitor the outside of the house so you can see for example who is knocking on the door or going through the front door.

Baby monitor

Use your phone as a baby monitor or pager

Instead of having to worry about your baby crying in his room, you can turn your phone into a monitor or pager and keep your baby’s room in check. You can install the Skype app on your old phone and put it inside the kid’s room. This way you can make a video call to your old phone via Skype on your current phone.

You can also download certain apps like Dormi (for Android ) or Cloud Baby Monitor (for iPhone ).Although we haven’t reviewed these apps ourselves, their ratings are high in polystore and app stores, indicating that many users were satisfied.

Turn your old phone into a wireless mouse

One of the worst things is that your wireless mouse can get into trouble at once and you can’t use it anymore. To that end, having another mouse can be a logical thing, but you don’t necessarily have to buy another mouse. You can easily use your old phone. Just download and install specific applications like Remote Mouse for Android or iPhone .

Once you have the app installed, connect your smartphone and PC to a Wi-Fi network and start using it. Always keep your old phone in your laptop bag so you can use it if your mouse breaks down.

Use your old phone as a music player

Many of us are fond of music and devote a lot of space to our music. However, we can easily move our music to our old phone to have more storage space on our new phone.

You can transfer as much music as you like to your old phone without having to worry about storage. If you have a smart speaker at home, plug in the speaker and enjoy the loud music.

What is your opinion of Zoomite users in this regard? What applications do you know for older phones?

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