11 Reasons Why Google Is Not Indexing / Your Site Solve the problems of not indexing the site

There is a lot of work going on for a website to be released to the public. From the design of the site to the final release of the content or product.

When the site was up and running, the worst nightmare of a webmaster was the non-indexing of Google’s site pages.

In fact, if Google does not index our site, we will lose a lot of traffic. Because sites attract more traffic from search engines.

How to identify the number of pages indexed by our site?

There are 2 ways to do this:

1 – Use Site: example.ir

Open your browser. Enter the Google site and enter the site: example.ir in the box.

Note that instead of Exmaple.ir, write your own site address. For example, if we want to see how many Google index pages have been indexed, just repeat this phrase:


2 – Use Google Search Console (Recommended)

The best tool for figuring out how Google thinks about Google is the Console. A free and useful tool that every webmaster should understand.

To find the number of indexed pages, enter your property in the console. See the Coverage section. The Valid part is the site’s indexed pages.

3. Using SEO tools

There are many sites that offer different SEO services. Analyze the site index by indexing the number of pages indexed on Google (be sure to change your IP before using it)

Should all of our pages be indexed by Google?

No compulsion. Here it is necessary to refer you to your Google blog (which is the most authoritative source for studying SEO). Google has stated that it’s perfectly normal if all pages of a site are not indexed. Note that the word perfectly normal has been used.

So do not worry if 5 or 10 pages of your site are ignored by Google. Because of issues like duplicate content or other issues, Google discards a number of pages.

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11 Reasons Why Google does not index pages:

1 – Your site has just been established

New sites usually require time to be well known by Google. A newly created site is like an infant and needs to spend time trying to grow. One of the reasons why site pages are not indexed in Google is a new site. In fact, the most important reason is this.

solution :

Do not despair If you are certain that your site is technically technical or technical, it should wait. Google recommends new sites to generate valuable and useful content so their work can be seen. With strong content, the odds of getting backlinks from other sites increase and are well understood and indexed by Google and other search engines over your site.

2 – The site is also available with www without www

This is an important technical problem, which should be clear. We already said that tictactec.ir and www.tictactec.ir are two separate sites, and Google sees them apart. Your site may be indexed with the www address and you will analyze the non-www version.

solution :

Choose a specific domain for your site: either the version with www or the version without www
Verify both addresses for you: Create two distinct property for both the www version and the non-www version, and keep both the two under review.

3 – The robots.txt file has a problem

Google robots may not have access to the site. You may have unwittingly or incorrectly manipulated your Robots file and now Google can not find some pages. Be sure to check this file and see what the structure is.

I spoke in the Seo Technical post about the Robots file and I’ve also placed a standard WordPress standard. Also, a service that allows you to automatically create this file.

4 – No index meta tag is used

Meta tags are part of a site that are not directly visible to the user, but their use is very helpful to us. Noindex is also one of the meta tags used to prevent indexing a page.

You may have used this tag on your pages and have asked for a search engine code to index the site. How to make sure the site does not use the noindex tag now?

solution :

Check each page separately. Press the CTRL + U key combination. Here are the site codes. Meta tags are in the header field. Check the header tag where it closes and remove it if you have a code similar to this.

<meta name="robots" content="noindex">

Or, maybe you'll see a code like this that only closes Google's robot access.
<meta name="googlebot" content="noindex">

5 – Site does not have Sitemaps or Sitemaps

Having a sitemap is not at all possible, and not necessarily all sites must have a Sitemap. You should not expect to be indexed as soon as the sitemap is created.

Sitemap is a small XML file that arranges site directories and gives Google robots a better view of the site structure. The problem of not indexing the site is not resolved by making the sitemap. But I recommend that you have one for your site.

6. You use duplicate content

The scourge of every site is duplicate content. When we say that content is miraculous, we mean the content is unique and unique. If you publish a large number of posts that have only different titles but their structure is one (or a slight difference), Google may be crazy about indexing your site.

solution :

Check your posts. If you see duplicate content, choose the best one and get the rest of the pages to the same main post as redirect 301.

7. You have changed the CMS security settings

One of the cool features of some CMSs is to prevent indexing pages from the site by the search engine. Perhaps your site has uploaded a trial and you do not like the search engine to see its content and index it. By turning this feature on, the Search Engine will be taken.

solution :

If you use WordPress, follow these steps:

Get into your user’s panel.
In the Settings area, select the option to read
Uncheck the search box for search engines

Of course, WordPress points out: This is the responsibility of the search engines to honor your offer. That is, even if you enable this option, some pages may be indexed

8 – The htaccess file has a problem

htaccess is a configuration file running on the Apache web server. The htaccess is not specific to WordPress and can run on any server that uses Apache. There are a lot of settings in this small file.

Like redirects of the site, Ersh 404 and so on. The site may not be indexed to the site’s htaccess file.

solution :

Ask a specialist to check the contents of the file. I’ll show you a very simple and standard example. You can compare your file with this code. Your file might have a lot more features than this simple example.

Of course, htaccess manipulation is very dangerous and may cause serious problems for your site. Please edit it with caution.

Sample a standard htaccess file in WordPress:

# BEGIN WordPress
<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^index\.php$ – [L] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . /index.php [L] </IfModule>
# END WordPress


9 – Your hosting probably has a problem

This is likely to be very weak, and most of the clutches come from sites that are hosted by anonymous companies. Most companies that offer hosting services in Iran (I mean, of course, brands) guarantee uptime of ninety-nine percent.

This means that your site will be available at 99%. So if you are a reputable company, do not worry about it.

Your host must be such that the site is always available. Because if the Google robot hits the site several times but can not access its contents, the pages in the index will be a serious problem.

solution :

Check your hosting status. Is the site well available for the user and the search engine? If not, choose a good plan for hosting your site. In a separate post, I explain the terms of a suitable host.

10 – The site has been fined or penalized by Google

Webmaster Nightmare is the last thing. Think about fading out of search results overnight. When I’m writing this article, this bitter event fell to the very popular Zen download site. This site has once lost its excellent position in the results.

Google may not index your pages as a fine. If you’re having this problem, you have to try hard to get Google trust again.

solution :

Find out where the problem is with Search Console. In the Coverage section, you will see pages that are difficult to crawl. Once you identify the problem and start solving it.

Probably re-index your site and review it again. (We’ll be setting up a comprehensive tutorial for Google Search Console soon)

11 – Your site is hardly loading

If you have a slow web site and unprotected and non-standard coding, your site will be bothered to run on the browser. You should be concerned about not indexing the whole site. Because if a crawler encounters a huge delay in visiting the site, it probably will not index any of your pages.

solution :

Try to improve the speed of your site as much as possible. Check the coding structure. Upload photos as compressed. If your site is WordPress, minimize plugins and so on. In a separate post, we fully investigate the speed of the site.

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