10 ways to search Google that few Peep are aware of

May 9, 2019

There are many ways to search Google, which makes it easier to find the item.
We live in a period in which humanity has witnessed significant technological advances, and high-speed Internet is a great help for data transfer. This has led to a huge amount of information.


Just by spending a few minutes you can get the latest news, get a recipe for baking food or read about the latest physics theories.

However, sometimes the high volume of inappropriate search terms makes finding what we want it to be difficult for us. In this way, we plan to teach you 10 Google search methods to make finding your content easier and faster.

Use the “|” or “or”
Sometimes the details of the subject we are looking for are incomplete or do not remember, but this is not so troublesome. It is enough to put a number of different models of what we mean and separate them with the “|” sign. Of course, instead of this, you can use the phrase “or”. By doing this, you’ll see Google search results closer to what you think.

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Search using synonyms

A point that few people may pay attention to is the use of synonyms to search the Internet. If your search is in English, you should know that this language has a lot of synonyms, and this can help you in your search.

If you want to find the websites that are active in your area, just use the “~” token in your search. For example, if your search is in this state, you will see “healthy ~ food” in the results that contain content that includes healthy eating and food intakes.

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Search within websites

It’s important for you to read an interesting article on a website and find the content you are interested in, read it again, or share the article.

The easiest way to find your information is to search within that website. To do this, just write the site’s URL and then search the keyword for the article you are looking for.

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Use the “*” sign in the search

Sometimes, there are circumstances when we forget the keyword for a search or an important number. In this case, you can use the “*” sign. Instead of using the keyword, simply use the bookmark and search for the content you want to find.

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When you forget a lot of words from the phrase

Sometimes you have to search for a long phrase, but you have forgotten a number of words and the use of a keyword is not the answer.

In such circumstances, it is enough to write the beginning and the end of the statement and then use the () AROUND statement. Then put in the parentheses the number of words that have been deleted from the phrase.

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Use the time period

Sometimes we need information that belongs to a specific time period. To gain access to this information, you can add the time period to your search, and then place three mid-years.

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Search for a headline or URL

To find the key words and the name of an article, just insert the phrase “intitle” before entering the search terms. Keep in mind that you should not be in between. You can also use the phrase “: inurl” to find words used in a URL.

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Find similar websites

Suppose you find something interesting on the Internet and you want to find websites that have similar content. To do this, just use the phrase “: related” and then enter the address of the site. Keep in mind that there is no space between the phrase and the URL of the website you are looking for.

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Search for complete phrases

Using quotation marks can be very effective in searching. Suppose you have searched a phrase without applying citations. In this case, you’ll see results that look like the words of the search phrase are unearthly.

However, the use of quotes will help you to get results that are consistently and consistently in your article or article. In fact, the first mode is suitable for a time when you are unsure of the accuracy of your statement.

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Remove unnecessary words

To delete results that are derived from unnecessary words, just insert a line and then type that word. For example, suppose you are going to find a website that works in the context of the book; but your goal is not to buy, in this case you have to do the following:

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